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“RISEBA” University of Business, Arts and Technology

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RISEBA in Brief

RISEBA is a university type private higher educational institution fully accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia.

Being one of the first private higher education institutions in Latvia, today RISEBA is among 10 largest higher education institutions in Latvia (both public and private) with almost 3000 students, including 200 international students, who attend 19 study programmes of different levels and directions, and more than 8000 alumni.

Over the last two decades RISEBA has gone through a substantial transformation from a small ambitious business school to the university that provides, in addition to business and management programmes, studies in communications, audiovisual media arts and architecture, thus transforming the institution into “the place where business meets arts”.

RISEBA stands out from the other higher education institutions as the one having clear international focus and is distinguished by the exclusivity of the study programmes offered and variety of languages of instruction.
RISEBA provides programmes which are either unique in the market or were first introduced to the market by RISEBA. It is one of the few institutions that offers full degree programmes in three languages – Latvian, English and Russian.

RISEBA is spread across five sites: three buildings of RISEBA main campus are located in Riga (the capital city), one regional branch is based in Daugavpils (the second largest city in Latvia).

RISEBA Mission, Vision and Values

Since its foundation in 1992,  RISEBA has been guided by its mission “to be a gateway to international careers” stressing that the university aims to prepare its students and graduates for international careers and emphasizing that it does not mean that the students are taught “for export”. The main idea behind the mission is that RISEBA wants to make sure that its students are competitive in international markets, are culturally aware, can work in international teams either in their home country or abroad and successfully compete in global markets. RISEBA sees its graduates as potential employers who will contribute to Latvian, European and global economic growth, are able to work in international companies in Latvia and abroad, are sensitive and tolerant to cross-cultural differences, and are active contributors of multinational teams.

Responding to the changes in the external environment and pursuing new opportunities RISEBA expanded its activities into new areas – creative industries, i.e. communications, media and architecture, and in future sees itself as “a financially sustainable, internationally recognised university of business, arts and technology”.

Guided by its vision RISEBA comprises three major academic components or schools:

School of Business with Bachelor, Master and PhD programmes, which cover the areas of business, management and economics

School of Media and Communication with Bachelor and Master programmes in arts and communications

School of Architecture and Design, which currently offers a Bachelor programme in Architecture.

RISEBA is an inter-disciplinary, multicultural university providing the global labour market with intelligent, creative and independently thinking individuals. RISEBA stands for excellent education, internationally recognised degrees, high quality of graduates, excellent research base and highly qualified staff.

Five core values are at the heart of what RISEBA does:

Openness: RISEBA is known for its individual approach to students. The staff is committed to creating a study-friendly environment based on trust, respect and responsiveness.

Cooperation: RISEBA is actively involved in local and international business environment and promotes the professional growth of its staff and students. Together with its alumni and partners, the institution creates an excellent academic and work experience, which is an indispensable part of the study process.

Lifelong Learning: RISEBA promotes lifelong learning of students. Lifelong learning contributes to the development of Latvia and other European countries as contemporary knowledge society with steady economic development, more work places and greater social cohesion.

Diversity: RISEBA is a bridge between Western and Eastern Europe, which helps students make the first step on the way to international career. RISEBA ensures a multicultural environment by offering various study programmes, forms of studies and training in different languages.

Ethics and Social Responsibility: RISEBA trains socially responsible managers and makes every effort to help students understand the role of entrepreneurship in the creation and maintenance of highly ethical practice in the professional environment and society as a whole, whilst simultaneously ensuring proper protection of the environment for generations to come.

Address: Meza iela 3, Riga, LV - 1048, Latvia
Telephone: +371 67 500 265
Fax +371 67 500 252
E-mail: riseba@riseba.lv