This year RISEBA school is again among 38 companies that have been awarded the status of Family-Friendly Enterprise by the Ministry of Welfare.
On 14 June results of Sustainability index 2017 were announced, where RISEBA University received silver category. Silver category means that RISEBA University works purposefully on the necessary improvements in management and communication techniques in order to deliver clear message to the society and make an impact on the socio-economic environment in Latvia, to identify risks and opportunities the company is facing. As well RISEBA implements socially responsible and longsighted management techniques. 
From 8 to 10 June this year, the annual Entrepreneurs' Sports Games took place, in which a total of 46 teams of different companies competed.
Jaunieši vecumā no 16 līdz 30 gadiem aicināti iesniegt video, vinnēt balvas un veidot programmu RISEBA kino teltī festivāla „Playground” laikā. Arī šajā vasarā augstskola "RISEBA" turpina  sadarbību ar festivālu „Playground” un izsludina konkursu "Because we care...", kurā aicina pieteikties jauniešus ar saviem videomateriāliem, kas iedvesmo un atspoguļo aktīvu dzīvesveidu. Labākie videomateriāli tiks iekļauti RISEBA kino telts programmā, kas darbosies festivāla „Playground” teritorijā š.g. 13. – 15. jūlijā.
On 23 May 2018, a cooperation agreement was signed by J. Stabiņš, the director of the College of Business Administration (BVK), and I. Senņikova, the Chancellor of RISEBA.
Please note, that tickets are free! RISEBA Repertory Theater proudly presents: Branden Jacobs-Jenkins's play Gloria focusing on the lives of working Americans and dynamics in the workplace. 
RISEBA invites to attend Open doors day, so everyone had an opportunity to meet with programme directors, explore Bachelor studies and ask all questions about student life. The event will take place in 4 Durbes Street and it will begin at 4 P.M. See you at RISEBA!
RISEBA students can apply for ERASMUS+ project 2017/2018 additional financial support for summer traineeship in EU countries.   
On 1 June 2018, the International Day for the Protection of Children, as part of the Children At Work campaign, 17 children whose parents or grandparents work at RISEBA learned about their family members’ professions and workplace.
On 28 May a Memorandum of Cooperation on attracting foreign students was signed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Higher Education Export Association, which member is RISEBA.
To make the working environment more welcoming for families and to help to achieve a balance between work and family this year RISEBA participates in the campaign - "Children at work". As a result, this Friday children of employees of RISEBA will visit RISEBA to learn more about what their parents are doing and will take part in various activities.
For 25 years already, RISEBA has been helping to strengthen the economy of Latvia by paying taxes fairly, which has also received recognition from the State Revenue Service this year.