RISEBA Career Days


RISEBA has created a new meeting platform - RISEBA Career Days, providing students, graduates and students with opportunities to meet with companies, organizations and industry professionals. Career days are designed to provide opportunities to receive up-to-date information, to build contacts and collaborate during study time.

During the RISEBA Career Days will be events devoted to the launch and development of a career. On Thursdays - 5th, 12th and 19th April, guest lectures, company presentations, workshops, open lectures and tours will be held in cooperation with companies, organizations and industry professionals. On the 20th of April, RISEBA Architecture and Media Center H2O 6 will host the RISEBA Career Day 2018 in which companies, organizations and institutions will participate in the stands, informing about work and internship opportunities. Within the framework of the event, event visitors will have the opportunity to participate in "fast dates with your career activities", participate in competitions and receive prizes and enjoy musical surprises at the end of the event!

The motto of RISEBA Career Days 2018 is "Time to meet!" It encourages dedicate time to engage in meaningful conversations indirect presence. During all events in RISEBA Career Days, visitors will have the opportunity to receive up-to-date information, to create contacts and to receive information about the internship and work opportunities on the spot!

RISEBA Career Day events are open to RISEBA students, graduates and also to anyone who is interested. You can find out more about RISEBA Career Month current information on the social network Facebook page and in the section "Career Day news".

Currently, companies are applying for RISEBA Career Month Events.  If companies want to receive a cooperation offer, please apply here.


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