Each new academic year brings new opportunities and challenges. The academic year of 2017/2018 is special for RISEBA University. Next year Latvia will commemorate its 100th anniversary, and I am truly glad that this event of national significance is intertwined with the celebration of the quarter of a century that RISEBA University has existed, or in other words, its 25th birthday. It has been 25 years that this university has not only strengthened Latvia’s economy by honestly paying taxes, which has been praised by the State Revenue Service, but also 25 years of teaching both budding and experienced entrepreneurs, human resource and project managers, financial experts, architects and specialists of other creative sectors.

During their studies, everyone meets a lot of challenges, duties and sometimes setbacks, but overcoming obstacles brings gratification and genuine joy, as well as it is a step towards success and the achievement of goals. Everyone has their own way of reaching their objectives and so every one of you must make decisions that are best for you. University of Business, Arts and Technology RISEBA is constantly developing and perfecting itself and thus giving its students new possibilities to do so. Acquire international experience and use the advantages of the Erasmus+ programme, take part in projects and scientific conferences, join sports activities or develop and bring your business idea to life at the Creative Business Incubator. Your proactive approach will help you attain your goals, gain knowledge and skills to excel not only in the local, but also the international labour market.

To all of our RISEBA family, I wish for the new academic year to be successful and full of challenges and achievements!

Irina Senņikova