Please note, that tickets are free!

RISEBA Repertory Theater proudly presents: Branden Jacobs-Jenkins's play Gloria focusing on the lives of working Americans and dynamics in the workplace. 

Known for bringing in the best and latest from the American and British dramatic repertoire, RISEBA Student Repertory Theater is proud to present Latvia’s premiere of Branden Jakobs-Jenkins’ Gloria. The winner of Pulitzer Prize for Drama and the hottest ticket in the West End and Broadway, this play is a color noir satire on the cut-throat and youth-takes-it-all generation. Set in a smart Manhattan magazine, a likeness of the New Yorker, one of its main characters Dean is a boozing schmoozer who befriends Ani, a nerdy computer geek, Kendra, a waspish shopaholic, Lorin, the harassed fact-checker, and finally, Gloria, the classic loner, who we can all easily identify with, since she has dedicated her whole life just to her work. 

The play is not merely an ode to the lost golden age of American journalism, but rather, is the take on the soullessness of the present in which any tragedy is open to instant exploitation. The humor in this play is dark and cruel, but terribly funny — until it suddenly is no longer, and until it suddenly is again. Just as in real life, the ambitious fishes swimming in this office pool are young and lazy, but all feel entitled to their bosses’ jobs. The story finally ends where it is supposed to end, and everyone wants to be: a TV production company in Los Angeles. It is Gloria’s job to bring everyone there, but how she does, it is a shocker of your lifetime, played out by the novice but brilliant student cast. You might skip this play, but if you do, you are missing a valuable chunk of your life.