Audiovisual Media Arts


Humanities Master Studies in Audiovisual Media Arts is one of the most innovative and rigorous multidisciplinary training in Latvia. It is rooted in the best traditions of Auteur Cinema and expanded across various specialties: filmmaking, directing of photography, animation, video and CG generated graphics, interactive 2D and 3D production, and game development. 

While comprehensive in its structure to train the future executives in film and television studios, ad agencies, animation studios, creative departments of social networking, and SFX and post-production houses, the program me offers its students to specialise in a chosen field via Independent Studies cycle.  The minor is declared by a student under auspices of an esteemed faculty member and, generally, in the areas of film directing, art directing, animation, and post production supervision.

Degree awarded: Master in Audio and Visual Media Arts
Specialisations: Audiovisual Media arts
Multimedia Performing Arts
Language of instructions: English
Admission requirements:

1) Copy of previous education certificate/diploma + transcript of records
2) CV in English
3) Creative portfolio (photo, video, design, script or similar)
4) Proof of English language proficiency (IELTS 6.5+, TOEFL 69+ or equivalent)
5) Copy of Passport

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Programme Director:
Janis Holsteins
+371 25618534
Creative Director:
Aigars Ceplitis
+371 25620270
Creative Director of Multimedia Performing Arts:
Simona Orinska
+371 29394500

Why RISEBA, why Audiovisual Media Arts? 

  • Aesthetic, philological, and technical approach of the programme is instilled by the best Russian and American film school traditions.
  • The only Master Studies programme in Latvia where additional coursework in art theories and a selected course load in advanced workshops may be undertaken at the Latvian Academy of Art.
  • The only programme where the graduates are offered a business module to increase their effective competitiveness in the global audiovisual market sectors.
  • A number of courses, be it Game Design, Film Narratology or Dramatic Construction via on-line with Hollywood Industry professionals, to name a few, are unique in the Baltic States.
  • Very individual approach to every student and instructed by the international group of accomplished artists and academics,
  • Flexible study and a payment schedules.
  • An effective ERASMUS exchange with similar programmes at TAMK University of Applied Sciences, the School of Art and Media, the Academy of Visual Arts, Design and Pop Culture, MINERVA, Netherlands.
  • An effective network with similar programmes worldwide that conduct cutting edge workshops throughout the academic year,
  • Technically best equipped infrastructure in media studies in the Baltic States.

Study environment 

RISEBA Architecture and Media Centre H2O 6

H2O6 H2O6 H2O6 telpas


Theoretical lectures are usually held in auditoriums. All auditoriums are equipped with computers and projectors for lecturers’ and students’ presentations. The biggest auditorium is also equipped with large screens in order to provide better visibility.

H2O6 telpas H2O6 telpas H2O6 telpas

Video studio

Students learn the crafts of camera operator and lighting in a 300 sqm big video studio. Students can also take advantage of this studio for their own academic projects outside the lectures. the studio is equipped with a full featured black and green screen backgrounds and floor. Cameraperson’s special machinery, such as camera crane and steadicam, is also available. The studio is equipped with a stationary lighting system. 

Bидеостудия Bидеостудия Bидеостудия

Editing studios

Architecture and Media Centre H2O6 has two big and two small editing studios. Both big editing studios are equipped with 15 – 20 iMac desktops. In these studios audiovisual editing lessons and practical workshops are held.  Small editing studios are meant for students’ unsupervised work after the lectures. All computers for video editing are equipped with Final Cut Pro, Adobe Creative Suite Production Premium, Logic Studio and other editing software.

Монтаж студия Монтаж студия Монтаж студия

Programme curriculum*

For bouth specialisations:
Perusal of Conceptual Vision
Contemporary art
Music History and Theory of Sound
Compositon of Sound
Production of Audio Recording
New Media and Film Editing and Aesthetics
Visual Culture and Semiotics
Aestetics of New Media
Interactive Cinema 
Producing and Fundrising
Processual Art
Cross-Media Technology and Integration
Experimental Cinema
Interactive Art and Performance
Screenwriting and Narratology
Media and Advertizing
Creative Industries and Intellectual Property Rights

Audiovisula Media Arts specialisation:
Directing of Audiovisual
Theory and Production in Audiovisual Media Arts
Motion Graphics and Design in Cinema 4D
Game Theories and Technologies
360 degree interactive visualizations
After Effects postproduction

Multimedia Performing Arts specialisation:
Contemporary Dance
Multimedia performance and Visual Perception of Space
Theory and Production in Multimedia Performance
Somatic Methods, Butoh and Body Awareness 
Voice and Body in Physical Theatre 
Video Composition and Scenography

* RISEBA reserves the right  to  make adjustments  up to 20 % of the programme  contents. 

New specialisation - Multimedia Performing Arts 

Multimedia Performing Arts - direction offers to acquire knowledges and skills in interaction of media in performing arts, including:

• body techniques
• video, animation
• visual art
• asoustics art.

The programme offers to develop the skills of:
• organizer-director-producer of a variety of multimedia performances
• independent performer and self-producer.

Form of stuy, course duration and tuition fees

Study form Duration


Fee per 2017/2018 year, EUR (for EU citizens)

Fee per 2017/2018 year, EUR (for non-EU citizens)

Full time evening studies 2 years


3000 EUR per year

3400 EUR per year


Аудиовизуальное медиаискусство
Аудиовизуальное медиаискусство
Аудиовизуальное медиаискусство
Аудиовизуальное медиаискусство
Аудиовизуальное медиаискусство
Аудиовизуальное медиаискусство
Аудиовизуальное медиаискусство
Аудиовизуальное медиаискусство