Riga School Indoor Football Cup 2018 has finished

On 25 April, the finals of the Riga School Indoor Football Cup were played, and after some tight matches the best turned out to be the Riga Purvciems Secondary School boys’ team and Riga Secondary School No. 71 girls’ team.

This year a total of 62 boys’ and 10 girls’ teams fought for the cup. After some tense and exciting football matches, the 8 strongest teams qualified for the finals.

For the boys the best were Riga Purvciems Secondary School, Riga Technical College, Riga Secondary School No. 40, and Riga Secondary School No. 25.

and for the girls, Riga Secondary School No. 71, Riga Secondary School No. 54, Riga Daugavgrīva Secondary School, and Riga Secondary School No. 46.

Also this year RISEBA University supported the Riga School Indoor Football Cup, which was organised by the Latvian Indoor Football Association (LIFA), and will provide a EUR 100 discount for the first semester of the first study year in any full-time day department Bachelor’s study programme for all participants in the finalist teams that are studying in the 12th grade.

Photos with exciting moments from the matches can be seen on the Facebook page of the Riga School Indoor Football Cup. 

Congratulations to the winners!



Rīgas skolu telpu futbola kauss 2018