RISEBA has received appreciation from the SRS for cooperation and significant contributions to the state budget

For 25 years already, RISEBA has been helping to strengthen the economy of Latvia by paying taxes fairly, which has also received recognition from the State Revenue Service this year.

At the end of April this year, the SRS thanked all honest and responsible taxpayers, with whom there has been successful cooperation last year, who demonstrated high discipline in fulfilling tax obligations and made significant contributions to the state budget. In total, 2236 companies received appreciation, including RISEBA, who received it repeatedly.

The SRS carefully evaluates the information in its possession when preparing the list of companies. In all companies that have received appreciation, the SRS does not plan to carry out tax control activities until 1 May, 2019.

It is nice that our work and contribution to the development and growth of state functions is appreciated. The opportunity to help strengthen the common welfare of Latvia and its inhabitants brings genuine satisfaction and pleasure.

In 2017, the university contributed more than 1.3 million euros to the state general budget.

More information: https://www.vid.gov.lv/lv/vid-pateicas-2236-uznemumiem-par-sadarbibu-un-ieverojamam-iemaksam-valsts-budzeta