RISEBA’s 26th Anniversary

Street Meža, Agenskalns has been the main home of the RISEBA University for 20 years, therefore as part of the 26th anniversary celebration held on 12 October, the University’s employees tried to become more acquainted with the location.

RISEBA lecturers and employees visited the Agenskalns market where they met with Mr. K. Dambergs, the director of Agenskalns Market and listened to accounts of the market’s past, its role in the local development and predictions for the future. After the intriguing conversation the RISEBA team was met with an exciting pantomime performance.

The celebration continued in the Eduards Smiļģis Theatre Museum of the Latvian Academy of Culture, where employees indulged in creative repose, partaking in conversations on Agenskalns’ history and future development predictions, enjoyed musical surprises, went on a tour of the regular and changing museum displays together with the director of the museum J. Siliņš, competed in the quiz “My Agenskalns” and relished in leisurely conversations in a pleasant ambiance.

In addition, the first RISEBA academic magazine ADAMarts (Architecture/ Design/ Audiovisual Media Arts) was presented during the festivity, which unites RISEBA scientific and academic studies conducted in the faculties of Media and Communications and Architecture and Design. ADAMarts is a magazine with an international board of editors and it is dedicated to the art of architecture and media in the Baltic Sea Region.

Photos of the event by Mārtiņš Brīdiņš HERE.


RISEBA 26. dzimšanas diena