“Shadow Day 2018” at the University of RISEBA

This year, during the Shadow Day at the RISEBA University, 50 curious, ambitious and active young people arrived to spend a day with a professional in their field of interests.

The young people came from both Riga and other more distant Latvian cities – Valmiera, Rēzekne, Talsi, Liepāja, Ventspils, Tukums, Jelgava, Daugavpils etc.

This year, most students were interested in exploring the psychologist professions and professions related to audiovisual media arts. Many youngsters have interested also in the profession of architect and marketing and communications specialist.

"Shadowers" spent time with the University of RISEBA Dean of Architecture and Design department, architect Jānis Dripe, the Dean of Business department, psychologist Lūcija Rutka, the Director of the study programme “Business Psychology”, psychologist Anete Hofmane, psychologist and lecturer Solveiga Blumberga, the Head of Media and Communication Department and director of the study programme "Audiovisual Media Arts” Jānis Holšteins, Student career specialist Undīne Perse-Vilerte, Erasmus+ and Double degree Project Manager Ieva Goldmane,  the Head of the Marketing and communications Department Sanita Bučiniece, Project Manager of Marketing and communications Department Ieva Mačane, the Principal of Vocational school “Victoria” Andžela Dubinska . Also, the Head of the Daugavpils Branch Olga Ivanova and secretary Ilona Jermaļonoka had their “shadows”.

THANK YOU all “shadows” for visiting the RISEBA University! We hope that the Shadow Day helped to get to know and understand the work specifics of certain professions better.

Ēnu diena 2018