Management Psychology and Supervision

University RISEBA programme “Management Psychology and Supervision” means more than obtaining a Master’s degree in management sciences or new knowledge. Within this programme, under the management of experienced lecturers who work in their fields, a new and very much needed profession in Latvia is acquired, which helps to improve the professional lives of employees. According to experience, I can say that during the study process you will find out many new things about yourself, you will evaluate your professional activity and maybe will introduce changes to it. 


Evija van der Beka,

graduate Supervisor / Coach

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The study programme provides the students with in-depth knowledge of management psychology and management science, provides for practical application of theoretical cognitions and prepares educated and qualified specialists for creative and research work in the governmental and private business structures in Latvia. The graduate may work in future as a supervisor or consultant/coach with the managers and staff of the organisations.

The programme will prepare highly qualified specialist supervisors/consultants competitive in Latvia and abroad who shall have, after graduation, both theoretical knowledge and practical skills and competence to offer qualified supervision service / consult representatives of various professions as well as, according to their competence, successfully operate in both private and public sector organisations and companies by accepting responsibility for their work and facilitating development / growth of the organisation and its staff.

Acquired degree: Master’s degree in management science 
Professional qualification: supervisor/consultant
Language of studies Latvian or Russian
Form of studies Full-time studies


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Programme director
Maija Zakriževska, Dr. psych., sc.sal., asoc. prof.
Mob. ph.: +371 29438435
[email protected]



What is supervision?

“Supervision is a consulting support for issues related to work and professional activity.” Supervision is a type of consulting used in the work of organisations. Every organisation needs supervision in business because by means of it one can attain the financial and business development goals and customer service excellence (

Programme curriculum 

Module 1

Professional activity and ethics of the supervisor 
Consulting and supervision theories 
Modern methods of adult learning (coaching, mentoring, facilitation)

Module 2

Intervision as professional growth and competence
Individual supervision
Group and team supervision 
Supervision process
Supervision methods and techniques: theory and practice 
Sale and implementation of consulting services
Coaching in business

Module 3

Strategic business management and competitiveness in international environment
Business models
Development trends in the modern world 
Corporate management and business sustainability

Module 4

Innovation and intellectual property protection
Personnel psychology and change management
IT for increasing business efficiency

Module 5

Modern management and organisation psychology
Art-based approaches to organisation management 
Negotiation management psychology 
Leadership psychology and organisation behaviour 
Variety management and psychology

Module 6

Research logics and methodology
Research in the organisation

Module 7

Traineeship I (individual supervision) 
Traineeship II (group and team supervision) 
Traineeship in project management (project laboratory) 
Traineeship IV (qualification traineeship)

Master’s Thesis

Study forms and duration, programme fee 

Previous education Study type, form QP Duration Language Fee per 2018/2019 year, EUR (for EU citizens) Fee per 2018/2019 year, EUR (for non-EU citizens)
 Higher + working experience  Full-time studies  80  2 years  Latvian or Russian  2400 EUR per year 2700 EUR per year

Studies take place on every second Friday from 18:00 to 21:10, Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 to 17:30 or 19:10