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RISEBA MBA is among the best Master and MBA programmes in Eduniversal Ranking 2015!

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Professional degree awarded:  Master in Business Administration (MBA) 
Professional qualification: Business executive
Specialisation choice: Business Management; Human Resource Management; International Finance; Project Management
Language of instruction: English
Form of study: Full time evening studies
International opportunities: International consultancy Project (field trip 7-10 days)
One semester studies abroad (ERASMUS Programme)
International EHRM programme (3 months internship)





Programme director
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Emergence of global marketplace including growing economic independence of national economies and increasing presence of multinational corporations confirm that specialising in international business is highly relevant and companies require people who are knowledgeable and equipped to manage international and cross-border processes.  The programme has been developed to meet the needs of management professionals who are willing to take their career to the next level.

Well-suited for entrepreneurs, experienced managers and aspiring business owners, RISEBA International MBA programme will develop the necessary managerial skills associated with operating a company with greater flexibility, innovation, and responsiveness, and developing a clear understanding of the risks and rewards that accompanies entrepreneurial activities in today’s complex and dynamic business environment.

RISEBA MBA is the best choice because of:
•    Extensive range of international exchange programs with international partner institutions
•    RISEBA University is the official partner of the Latvian Association of Personnel Management and National Project Management Association and the Association of Accountants of the Republic of Latvia – closely cooperating in frames of the programmes’ development
•    Interactive small-group learning environment
•    Internationally recognised faculty
•    Possibility to specialize in one of four professional areas - Business Executive; Project Manager; Human Resource Manager or International Finance
•    Excellent study facilities
•    Opportunity to attend wide range of guest lectures offered by the RISEBA University
•    Exposure to the experience and expertise of today’s leaders
•    Two week study trip to a partner university and Consultancy project in international  organisation
•    Exclusive opportunity to study the module “Arts and Creativity in Business Management”.

Programme structure and details*

SEMESTER 1 of the MBA programme offers you a comprehensive foundation in the key management areas and incorporates the following core modules:

Module 1: International Business Environment 
Today`s leaders must be able to exploit temporary advantages created by fast changing environments. This module will help you to understand the markets and the needs of all stakeholders, to execute strategic programs when the markets are becoming more demanding and business opportunities going global. The module includes the courses on International Business Environment; International Business Law; Negotiation skills and Human Resources; Sustainability.

Module 2: Managing Organisations
This module will enable you to develop and shape an effective strategy to reinvent growth. You will learn how to shape the implementation of the strategic programs when the market and business opportunities are becoming smaller and smaller; how to leverage profits for shareholders in an uncertain world; and how to run the daily business operations  and come up with the winning key factors. The module includes the courses on International Strategic Management; Financial Analysis for Decision Making; MIS and IT applications; Project management; Leadership and Change

Module 3: Arts and Creativity in Business Management
The global “innovation economy” of the future will require all of the traditional skills, such as marketing, HR, accounting and finance, but the most exciting opportunities will involve those managers who can lead innovation to create exceptional value for their customers. This module through interactive and experiential learning works to bridge the words of arts and business and to create a platform to support the growth of the business. It will provide you with tools to engage people, develop new products and create new ventures, as well as help you to see new ways of doing business. The module includes the courses on Arts for Personal Development and Management; Open innovation, creativity and knowledge management.

SEMESTER 2 provides a choice from specialised study courses according to your chosen professional qualification and further opportunities to apply your knowledge and skills in a consultancy project.

Module 4: Route Specialist module 
You will have to the possibility to specialize in one of four professional areas - Business management; Project Management; Human Resource Management or International Finance.

Module 5: Management Research for decision-making
This module will equip you with theoretical grounding and in-depth understanding of research methods and their importance for evidence-based management decision making.  The practical application of research will ensure that you can conduct a research or consultancy project and devise appropriate and effective recommendations. The module includes the course on Research Methods and Data Analytics and Professional Internship – Researching Organisations and Industries.

SEMESTER 3 will add valuable experience in an international context to your academic studies and enable you to critically analyse business challenges in organisations. This semester incorporates field trips, business simulations and consultancy projects.

Module 6: International Consultancy Project
The module will focus on integrative learning and will help you to understand and address complex business situation holistically. Research and consultancy skills training and practical application will be provided through the following: International residency and consultancy experience (field trip and consultancy project); Holistic management; Business Simulations and reflection reports.

International Residency and Consultancy Project (IRCP) includes study trip to Partner University (UK). This is a unique element of the programme that has proved popular with our students and highly effective in linking theory to implementation – not only does the trip enhance students’ learning, but it also helps them acquire hands-on experience. Duration of Project is 2,5 months and it will include an intensive one week – ten day programme in UK that includes students’ visits to best-practice companies.

SEMESTER 4 is devoted to your Master thesis which is rigorous investigation of an issue of management relevance typically by bringing together business theory and empirical investigation.

*Study course sequence is subject to change.


The teaching and learning methods include lectures, seminars, workshops, action and experiential learning, individual and group projects and in-company training. The emphasis is placed on students contributing, sharing and managing their own learning. Case study and other material will be used to develop understanding of the application of theory to practical problems, with much use of team working. A research-based approach to dealing with management problems runs through the programme. Assessment will include examinations, assignments, presentations etc. The overall programme stresses the integration of management disciplines and processes into a holistic view of organisational management.

Programme summary 

This programme is designed for those holding a degree or equivalent qualification in subjects other than Business Studies. It typically appeals to engineers, scientists, IT and arts graduates who are now pursuing or proposing to pursue a career in business. However we have many business and economics graduates in our programme as well and they also find this programme rewarding and challenging.

Programme format:
•    2 years (a 4-semester programme, 2 semesters of study, 1 semester of international exposure & 1 semester of supervised research);
•    80 Latvian Credit Points (KP) / 120 ECTS;
•    full-time, evening studies

Admission process 

Candidates who wish to be considered for admission should normally possess a first degree. An equivalent overseas degree is also acceptable. Eligible applicants must have at least three years relevant work experience after graduation.

English Language: Candidates should provide evidence of proficiency in English - IELTS 6.5 band score or a TOEFL score of 575 or above (232 computer-based). As alternative, applicants can pass RISEBA English language test.

Persons applying to the programme must submit:
•    a CV in Latvian or English 
•    a letter of reference in Latvian or English (applicants should arrange for suitably qualified persons to act as their referees)
•    a copy of the diploma (an original must be presented)
•    a copy of the passport (an original must be presented)
•    four photographs 3 x 4 cm


Once applications have been reviewed, selected candidates are invited to an interview with the programme management team and faculty members to complete the assessment.

Each candidate will be informed in writing if he/she has been selected for the programme within two weeks of the interview.

Form of study, course duration and tuition fee

Form of study Duration Language Fee per 2017/2018 year, EUR (for EU citizens) Fee per 2017/2018 year, EUR (for non-EU citizens)

Full time studies

2 years English 4400 EUR/year 5000 EUR/year

The State Education Development Agency offers scholarships to foreign students for studies, research and participation in summer schools in Latvian higher education institutions (HEIs) in the 2016/2017 academic year: Azerbaijan, Belgium (French Community of Belgium), Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech, Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Mexico, Moldova, Mongolia, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, South Korea, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan.

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