The new academic year at RISEBA University will start on 4 September 2017 at 10 a.m.. For all freshmen this very first year of their student life is an important experience with a long and exciting journey ahead. Traditionally, there is an introduction lecture and a special event for all 1st year students from all RISEBA University programmes and study forms planned at 12:00 in front entrance of the Main Campus of RISEBA University (address: 3 Meza Street).


In June 2017 prestigious accreditation EPAS by European Foundation for Management (EFMD) was once again awarded for three years to professional undergraduate programme „European Business” and professional postgraduate programme "International Business". EPAS recognition in the Baltic States was granted to only one more school – Lithuania’s Baltic Institute of Management.


Information for Latvian applicants:

Graduates of The year 2017 and scholarship seekers (citizens of Latvia) can apply for Bachelor study programmes through the United electronic application system (VUPP) on 26 June 2017.

Scholarship seekers, high school graduates of The year 2016 and earlier and Master programme applicants, can apply directly to university (RISEBA Information Centre, 3 Meza Street, Riga) or through the online platform.


In 30 June a contract was signed between RISEBA and "Hannu Pro" regarding purchase of 2 drones - DJI Phantom 4 PRO and DJI Inspire 2.

Both of these drones will be put to good use soon. Due to increasing demand for qualified drone pilots, students of study programme Audiovisual media arts will start learning how shoot with drones.


Latvian confederation of employers (LDDK) in cooperation with portal Prakse.lv has published annual TOP of educational establishments. According to the information that was collected during the survey RISEBA is one of TOP 10 universities in Latvia.

This year has broken the records of participation, as 2500 employers took part in the survey. The main goal of this rating is to provide recommendation for high school graduates based on real feedback, which should result in well considered decisions regarding choice of education that will lead to well paid jobs in the future.


On Tuesday, 4th of July at 16:00 o'clock in Meza Street 3 RISEBA University will be hosting Open doors day - an oppurtunity to for everyone who plans on studying at RISEBA to visit the school grounds, meet programme directors in person and it will also be possible to ask any question related to the study process.

If you can't make it this time, please feel free to stop by next time. You can find the list here.


Due to internationalization of education in Latvian currently being very important, this is great opportunity to learn more about the prestige AACSB accreditation from curator of the program.

From 15th until 16th of June RISEBA University has the honor to welcome the general assembly of CIDD* (Consortium of International Double Degrees). 

Amongst headmasters of European and USA based universities also executive Vice President and Chief Officer, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa of AACSB Dr. Timothy Mescon is also taking part in the visit.


On 1st June results of Sustainability index 2016 were announced, where RISEBA University received silver category, which means that the company implements socially responsible and longsighted management techniques. 


In order to make future students familiar with the university, study programmes and grounds, RISEBA is hosting Open door day at H20 6 architecture and media centre on 13th of June from 16.00 until 18.00 o'clock. The event is intended for potential students of bachelor study programmes. Everyone is invited to visit on of the biggest media centres in the Baltics, to learn about possibilities to study at RISEBA University. It also will be possible to check out the photo lab, editing room and art room and you will get the chance to meet with programme directors.


On 31 May of this year, the RISEBA University was visited by a world-famous business development and change management expert and the RISEBA University Honorary Professor Ichak Adizes.

Interested parties had an opportunity to visit a guest lecture „Managing change constructively: essence of the Adizes methodology” of the influential Dr. Ichak Adizes and learn about internationally recognized Adizes methodology. It is recognized as an effective tool, helping to optimize and increase operational efficiency of various companies in the changing economic conditions.