The British Short Film and British Short Animation categories at the EE British Academy Film Awards celebrate innovative and experimental short fiction and non-fiction films and animation. You can enjoy short film offerings of 2017 at RISEBA Centre of Architecture and Media H2O6. The programme starts at 17:00 on 25 October in 4 Durbes street. You can find the programme here.
Take a break an get to know more about the products used in the architecture and interior design. On Thursday, Oct 19, 13.00 students are invited to attend guest lecture by Ms. Anna Claudia Ricci (IT), Tarkett Linoleum Product Manager. The presentation will touch the following subjects: - History of Linoleum and Tarkett’s Lino Narni Plant, - What is made of and production process, - The range: designs and options, - Accessories, - Main Features, - Certificates & Eco-labels,
On Friday, 20 October the solemn meeting of RISEBA Senate will take place, as well as the awards ceremony of honorary professors “Honoris Causa” and the anniversary celebration for colleagues, friends and partners at the new RISEBA Architecture and Media Centre H2O6 Aistere Hall. Programme:15:30 Arrival and registration16:00 The Ceremonial Meeting of RISEBA Senate
“Each new academic year brings new opportunities and challenges. The academic year of 2017/2018 is special for RISEBA University. Next year, Latvia will commemorate its 100th anniversary, and I am truly glad that this event of national significance is intertwined with the celebration of the quarter of a century that RISEBA University has existed, or in other words, its 25th birthday.
RISEBA has opened winter admission for undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral study programmes and distance learning.
  Individuals that are currently employed can apply for courses aimed at re-qualification. Only 10% of the total cost needs to be covered by the applicant. The following courses are available: In Riga
This is the 30th anniversary of the ERASMUS+ programme! The funding that is available for ERASMUS+ students has been increased by 105%. It means that more students than ever will be able to participate. You can apply for the programme until 20.09.2017. To apply: 1. You need to be a full-time student. 2. The average grade should not be lower than 7. 3. You can't have a financial or academical debt.
On 19 October at RISEBA Centre of Architecture and Media H2O6 on Durbes Street 4 conference “Best Practices in Management Education” will take place as a part of 25th anniversary of RISEBA University. Skilled Business Leaders for Skilled Europe (Lead4Skills) is an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project bringing together 8 organizations from 7 different countries.
About the lecture “Why startup needs brand strategy” During informal talk, Alina will share own experience on why to think about your brand strategy during the idea development stage, how to “think wrong” to create opportunities, and introduce your product to the market.
ERASMUS study programme celebrates its 30 years. This year is no different to any other - many students from all over Europe are using the opportunity given by ERASMUS to experience Latvia while studying at RISEBA. Our students have gone to 8 countries for their ERASMUS + experience Cyprus, United Kingdom, France, Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, and Marocco. It is not too late to apply for ERASMUS + you could be on your way in the spring. You can apply until 29 September.
Time: 28 of September, 10:00-17:00 Place: Center of Architecture and Media H2O6. On 28 of September will mark the 7th time Latvian accountants, finalists, entrepreneurs, and bureaucrats are invited to annual "Accountancy forum 2017" by Association of Accountants of the Republic of Latvia.
Let music be in the air! Everybody is welcome to the music festival by the blind and visually impaired "Baltijas vilnis". It will take place in 23 of September at 17:00 in Center of Architecture and Media H2O6, which is located in Durbes street 4, Riga. Musicians from Lithuania and Estonia and the most talented members of Latvian Society of the Blind will attend the event. Free attendance