RISEBA Golden Awards


The future belongs to those who dream. This year, RISEBA and RISEBA Student Council will continue the tradition of “RISEBA GOLDEN AWARDS”. The aim of this event is to appreciate the people around us – students, professors, alumnus and the employees of the university which, in the daily rush, we forget to appreciate. Let’s honour their achievements and celebrate victories!

However, this year’s event is even more special – it is RISEBA University 25th anniversary.

Time is a relative measurement which is all around us. Twenty-five years is it a lot or not? No matter the answer we, RISEBA University this year are celebrating our grand anniversary because one is clear for sure - in these years we have had a lot of achievements!In celebration mood also our “RISEBA GOLDEN AWARDS” theme is connected in all details with this time flow and gets us look back in time!

So, be prepared for something unforgettable!
Be prepared for "RISEBA GOLDEN AWARDS"!

Nominations 2017

1. Students friend of the year
2. RISEBA achievement of the year 
3. RISEBA ambassador of the year 
4. Student councils event of the year 
5. Business incubator's achievement of the year 
6. Partner of the year
7. Alumnus of the year 
8. “Business meets art” 
9. Student of the year 
10. Employee of the year 
11. Academic of the year 
12. Contribution to science 

This year we will take our time to honour students, professors, and employees that have dedicated their time for the advancement of RISEBA. We will also celebrate events that have made students life more colourful.

The award ceremony will take place on 14 of December at Architecture and Media Center H2O 6 at Durbes street 4.

Please look at the regulations of the Golden Awards here.

Nora Paula Bargā
Manager of the event
+371 26265906
[email protected]