Rector I. Sennikova participated at the foundation of the SheXo business women’s club

Deloitte SheXo club has already been operating worldwide since 2011, and currently contains women from 10 Central European countries in managing positions both in the private and public sector. More than 40 knowledgeable, determined and strong women – leaders, have already joined this club in Latvia to share their experience, get inspired and encourage other women to new success, daring to achieve the most ambitious career goals.

“Our goal is to increase the proportion of women in companies by assuming a mentoring role and helping with ideas for more women to be able to take a board position. Our SheXo club in Lithuania already has 60 members, of which two are men who would like to better understand how to create balance in their company board. So we also allow men in this club - we pay attention to anything that helps women to develop their careers,’’ Kristine Jarve, Partner of Deloitte Latvia, stated at the opening of SheXo club in Latvia. She emphasised her interest in this club for both pragmatic and emotional reasons. The studies show that companies whose board consists of at least 30% of women are more innovative, with a better reputation and lower rate of staff turnover. On the other hand, as a mother of two daughters I am interested in ensuring that when they are ready to build their careers, they will not have to face stereotypes regarding women’s and men’s professions and things that a woman can or cannot do and achieve,” added K. Jarve.

Irina Sennikova, Rector of RISEBA University, a Member of the Management Board, Professor and a Doctor in Management Sciences successfully managing the university for many years, also participated in the foundation of SheXo