RISEBA Research fields

Research fields 2015./2016

1. Asoc.Prof. I.Kreituss. Management and operations of financial markets and institutions.  

2. Prof. A.Chirjevskis. Financial economics: exploration of appropriateness of real option analysis of Latvian companies in terms of how firms might better manage strategic decision making under uncertainty; select of capital budgeting projects and valuate companies under uncertainty.

3. Prof. A.Chirjevskis. Strategic management: exploring of antecedents of competitive advantages of Latvian and international enterprises:  empirical studies on a reinvention of business models; a creation of value innovations; a development of dynamic capabilities, exploitation of cultural resources, pursuing resource based related diversification and development of organization project management maturity level.

4. Asoc.Prof. G.Lapina Entrepreneurship pedagogy. Innovations in pedagogy. Adult pedagogy. Creative thinking techniques, knowledge and skills in innovative entrepreneurship.

5. Lecturer A.Helde Social psychology, social marketing. Public psychological health of the municipality, the municipal communication with the public, its interpretation.

6. Assist.Prof. A.Uzulniece Film language transformation. 

7. Assist.Prof. A.Ceplītis Rizomatic naratology cinema, new media and video game technologies and their structural interaction.  

8. Assist.Prof. J.Holsteins Exploratory study of the potential of the audiovisual sector in Latvia.

9. Prof. A.Fedotovs Economic integration and Latvian macroeconomic development (Macroeconomics).

10. Asoc.Prof. A.Limanskis Recent trends in international investment area.

11. Prof. I.Sennikova Strategic management of higher education study programmes, quality, competitiveness and internationalization.

12. Asoc.Prof. L.Petersons Strategic management development in the external environment change over.

13. Asoc.Prof. T.Vasiljeva Usage of information technology and e-services in innovative entrepreneurship in private and public sector.

14. Prof. V.Kozlinskis Growing instability of socio-economic system.

15. Assist. Prof. G.Matule Communication ethics and aesthetics.

16. Asoc.Prof. T.Bartele History of advertising. History of Education. Theater history. (Advertising, educational and theatrical history of the press in the mirror). 

17. Asoc.Prof. M.Zakrizevska Student personal development.

18. Asoc.Prof. R.Vira Human resources as a strategic tool for company.

19. Asos.Prof. I.Ludviga Strategic entrepreneurship, sustainability and culture (ENTR-S-C)

20. Lecturer G.Sarkane Higher education marketing

21. Lecturer L.Semjonova Marketing communication as a means of consumer value system exposure

22. Asoc. Prof. S.Veinberga Communication theory and practice

23. Lecturer A.Eglitis Advertising and public relations activities at Latvian motor vehicle industry (historical aspect)