Ilmars Kreituss

Chairman of the Senate

  Ilmārs Kreituss  

Professor Ilmars Kreituss is the Vice-Rector and Chairman of the Senate of RISEBA University of Applied Sciences (Riga, Latvia).

Ilmars Kreituss graduated University of Latvia (Riga, Latvia), received his PhD in Physical chemistry (radiation chemistry) and worked as an assistant professor for University of Latvia and made his postdoctoral research at the University of Notre Dame (USA).

Later he turned to banking and finance field.  He holds a professional banker ’s certificate from The Chartered Institute of Bankers (UK). Ilmars Kreituss subsequently spent 15 years in the executive positions in banks and asset management companies and then returned back to the educational field.

Apart from his administrative responsibilities for RISEBA University of Applied Sciences, he teaches courses in banking and finance, is an active mentor in RISEBA Creative Business incubator and takes part in various projects.

His fields of expertise are banking and finance, non-bank finance institutions, P2P platforms, fin-tech companies and start-up ecosystem.