Irina Sennikova

Board member

  Irina Senņikova  

Irina Sennikova is Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics and Bachelor study programme director of "European Business Studies". She holds an MA degree in English philology from the University of Latvia, MBA and MSc in Management from IEDC-Bled School of Management (Slovenia), and PhD from Kozminski University (Poland).

Apart from her administrative responsibilities, she teaches courses in management, leadership and organizational behavior at RISEBA. She also is a visiting lecturer at the Baltic Defense College (Estonia). Her research interests lie mainly in the area of intellectual  entrepreneurship and enrtrepreneurial  leadership.

Irina Sennikova is a member of Latvian State Scientific Qualification Commiteee.  She has been a founding member of International Entrepreneurship Forum (IEF) and is a Senior Enterprise Fellow at University of Essex, School of Entrepreneurship and Business, UK. She is a Chair of the EQUAL board and a member of CEEMAN Board and CEEMAN Accreditation Committee.