Mission: to be the gateway to an international career

RISEBA provides challenge for creative individuals capable of taking responsibility and willing to enhance their personal growth. Our highly qualified staff with the help of modern technologies facilitates the development of creative personalities providing them with the opportunity to work professionally in a professional environment both at national and international level. Our alumni are potential employers who will foster Latvian and European economic growth.

Vision: RISEBA - to become a financially sustainable, internationally recognised university
of business, arts and technology

RISEBA is an inter-disciplinary, multicultural university providing the global labour market with intelligent, creative and independently thinking individuals, who are prominent professionals in their fields. RISEBA stands for excellent education, internationally recognized degrees, high quality of graduates, excellent scientific research base and highly qualified staff.

Values: Openness, Cooperation, Lifelong Learning, Diversity, Ethics and Social Responsibility

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Openness: RISEBA is known for its individual approach to students. The staff is committed to creating a study-friendly environment based on trust, respect and responsiveness.

Cooperation: RISEBA is actively involved in local and international business environment and promotes the professional growth of its staff and students. Together with its alumni and partners, the institution creates an excellent academic and work experience, which is an indispensable part of the study process.

Lifelong Learning: RISEBA promotes lifelong learning of students. Lifelong learning contributes to the development of Latvia and other European countries as contemporary knowledge society with steady economic development, more work places and greater social cohesion.

Diversity: RISEBA is a bridge between Western and Eastern Europe, which helps students make the first step on the way to international career. RISEBA ensures a multicultural environment by offering various study programmes, forms of studies and training in different languages.

Ethics and Social Responsibility: RISEBA trains socially responsible managers and makes every effort to help students understand the role of entrepreneurship in the creation and maintenance of highly ethical practice in the professional environment and society as a whole, whilst simultaneously ensuring proper protection of the environment for generations to come.