RISEBA hosted partners from the EU project Intergen Erasmus+ in Riga this week (September 14-15). The exchange of experience and getting to know Latvian culture was only a part of the valuable meeting.
We are looking for male students of RISEBA bachelor's and master's programmes who are good basketball players not only in their desires, but also in their abilities: we are creating a RISEBA basketball team, which will participate in the streetball tournament organized by Turiba University on September 23.
RISEBA participates in the Erasmus + supported project ProCESS, within the framework of which management case studies will be developed.
We are very proud and happy to have RISEBA Alumni returning and sharing their professional and life experience with current students through participation in RISEBA Alumni Mentors Club.
On September 9, 2021, MARIUS SCHONBERGER's doctoral dissertation "The performance impact of computer system validation on the business value of SMEs" was defended at the open meeting of the Promotion Council of the RISEBA University of Applied Sciences and it was decided to award a PhD in Economics and Entrepreneurship.
We invite the researchers submit the articles to the next JBM volume on the topics regarding to Business Management issues!
Take the opportunity to get acquainted with the wide possibilities of RISEBA during one event on September 13! 18:00 - 19:45 RISEBA information event on the online platform Spatial.chat. See the programme of the event HERE!
Informative presentation or Erasmus info session on study abroad opportunities will take place on Thursday, 16th of September, 11:30 (am) in Zoom platform:   Join Zoom Meeting with THIS LINK.  Meeting ID: 860 3623 8796
Applications for ERASMUS+ and Double Degree are now open for Spring Semester 2021/2022.
EDAMBA General Assambly 2021 (the second meeting) was held on-line on 7 September 2021.
During their studies, students use the platforms my.riseba.lv and e.riseba.lv the most on a daily basis. Watch these videos and learn how to use these platforms!