What if I want to apply for more than one programme?

Via our application platform Unimetis, you can apply for several programmes with one application.

Are there different deadlines for students from EU/EEA countries?

Later application deadlines apply to students from EU/EEA countries, as they do not need to apply for residence permit to study in Latvia. Nevertheless, we encourage all international students to apply early. This ensures that applicant receives admission decision earlier and has a sufficient time to arrange for accommodation and plan his stay in Latvia.

Check key dates and deadlines.

What are the tuition fees for non-EU citizens?

Go directly to the programme page you are interested in to find out information about the tuition fees.

Do you have scholarships for international students?

RISEBA administrates a number of tuition discounts for successfully admitted students. For the moment RISEBA can offer discounts for family members, RISEBA graduates and students with good academic record. 

Applicants for the bachelor, master and doctoral studies in English can apply for the State Education Development Agency (SEDA or VIAA in Latvian), a government agency, administered scholarships. For more information and application procedure visit here

Am I able to apply for admission before application opens?

You can apply for studies in RISEBA University before application opens. This ensures that you receive admission decision earlier, thereby making it easier for you to prepare and plan for your studies.

I want to apply for the Bachelor programme, but I don't have my high school diploma yet. What should I do?

Step 1: You need to have an academic record and an official document (provisional certificate) from your high school stating that you will receive your diploma by the start of the chosen RISEBA study programme.

Step 2: Create an account via our application platform and fill in required information. You will submit your final application when the diploma and transcript of records are received.

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