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Architecture” (Full time studies in English)


"Audiovisual Media Arts (Full time studies in English)

Specialization for the programme are available:

  • television and film producer 
  • television director 
  • director of photography for television 
  • screenwriter 

"Public Relations and Advertising Management (Full time studies in English)

Specialization for the programme are available:

  • public Relations Manager 
  • advertising manager 
  • event producer 


"Business Psychology" (Distance learning in English)
European Business Studies (Full time studies in English)

"Business Studies" (Distance learning in English)


Postgraduate programmes:

New Media and Audiovisual Arts” (Full time studies in English)
Public Relations Management” (Full time studies in English)

Health Management” (Full time studies in English)     
Strategic Business Management” (Distance learning in English)
Big Data Analysis” (Full time studies in English)
International Finance” (Full time  studies in English)
EXECUTIVE MBA IN EMERGING MARKETS” (Part time studies in English)   
International Business” (Full time studies in English)

Specialization for the programme are available:

Project Manager” 
Human Resource Manager” 
International Finance” 
Business Executive” 



Doctoral programme:

Business Management” (English)


Application for studies

It is possible to apply by using the online Unimetis platform from 01.12.2020.

Required documents:

• previous education document (certificate/diploma) with a transcript of records (the original document and a copy)
• 4 photos (3x4)
• passport or valid ID (the original document and a copy)
• Curriculum Vitae (for applicants to Master programmes only)
• proof of registration fee payment - Bank details

  1.  the registration fee for Latvian applicants - 35 EUR*

• proof of diploma verification payment:

Application requirements for international students