Application to Demola Spring 2023 season is open

The scope of our Demola program gets wider – in the new Spring 2023 season students are invited to solve 11 interesting innovation challenges.

Demola is an international innovation challenge platform and, in the Spring 2023 season, offers students to develop innovative solutions for challenges created by various Latvian companies and entities as well as open challenges for future trends. During the Spring season of 2023, students will address 11 challenges offered by both the industry and Demola itself, such as the handling of sludge in the process of preparing drinking water, future trends in universities and STEM education, solutions in circular economy, etc.


Description of the challenges you can find here


Students from any study programme and from any university in Latvia can participate and apply for a scholarship. A support fund is also available, as well as mentoring by the experts of RTU Science and Innovation centre.


Application (till 03.03.) 


Demola is a part of the «Maritime industry Innovation course» (ERDF co-financed project Nr. «Maritime industry Innovation course») implemented by the Design Factory of the RTU Science and Innovation Centre.