The brightest moments: what was our year 2021


The year 2021 at RISEBA University was full of events and dynamic outside of everyday studies. We offer a summary of the brightest moments and also some video recordings.


This year international conferences organized by RISEBA were successful:

  • In June, we organized the 14th Annual International Baltic Baltic Business Management Conference “Economics and Business: Foreseeing Challenges and Opportunities”;
  • In June, we also organized an international conference of students' research and artistic creation "Changing World – in Search of New Solutions";
  • In September, we hosted the 6th International Conference of the European Narratology Network “Gaslight Narratives in Virtual Landscapes: Narratological Implications of Technologically Mediated and Immersive Media” organized by RISEBA.

Career Days

Traditionally in April of this year, we organized RISEBA Career Days, where lectures were attended by world-renowned professionals in their fields – Professor Daniel Kleber from Dubai, world-renowned director, RISEBA graduate Andzej Gavriss, producer Renē Meriste and other outstanding personalities. Here is a video of the lecture "Future of Work" given to us by Benjamin Pring, one of the world's leading American management thinkers:

Architecture Summer school

RISEBA University summer school on the ephemeral architecture and urban design “FestivaL’and 4.0” was held in Valmiera in July, with the participation of Latvian and foreign students. The summer school was organized in cooperation with the Valmiera Summer Theater Festival, opening new cultural places.

Vasaras skola

Participants of RISEBA Summer School in the future cultural place "Kurtuve" in Valmiera.

Hello, Italy!

Despite the limitations of Covid, the exchange of Erasmus+ students at our university continues. Due to restrictions, the arrival of our student Karlis and Kristers at Brescia University also became a real event this year. You can read more about it HERE.


Arriving in Italy for student exchange became the event of our students Karlis and Kristers.


Graduations of students are and will remain at the top of the university's most important events – when we commemorate RISEBA bachelors, masters and doctors. Here is an opportunity to watch a video summary of all 12 RISEBA graduation ceremonies this summer:

May we have many bright events and moments also in 2022  in the 30th anniversary year of RISEBA!