Creative Business Incubator


Creative business incubator

In May 2013 RISEBA launched RISEBA Creative Business Incubator, a new and ambitious project established to inspire, educate and help RISEBA students and graduates to develop and speed up their business ideas, start-up and early stage companies growth and success. The Incubator is designed to encourage and build student entrepreneurial skills and new ventures independent from research and to facilitate an entrepreneurial ecosystem setup at the university level and nationally. RISEBA Creative Business Incubator is a non-profit private university initiative providing pre-incubation support to RISEBA students, alumni and employees. It can be also described as a virtual business incubator. 
Our goal

Support RISEBA students in the business idea and project development process and acceleration process of the new start-up companies.

Our mission

Provide all RISEBA students and graduates with theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the field of entrepreneurship, as well as provide a sustainable environment in which new and emerging companies can develop and grow.
Our vision

Every RISBEA student has an opportunity to start a business by turning a business plan or business project into a real business.
During 8 seasons of its existence, the Incubator continued to encourage young entrepreneurs and provided professional support to the incubatees in order to develop new business ideas. 

RISEBA Creative Business Incubator activity and outcomes
Support: The incubator has supported more than 94 incubator members and has helped to develop more than 69 business ideas.
Consultations & services: Business coaching & mentoring sessions, networking events, guest lectures.
A wide network of experts provided its services to the teams, covering such fields of expertise as food industry, innovations, banking and finance sector, team coaching, risk management and project management.