2018./2019 g. participants


Business Idea: Vanilla Crunch Design By Ksenija Ustimenko.

Vanilla Crunch Design is a dainty micro-business that makes handmade jewellery made to order for customers on Etsy.com. It makes women feel beautiful because they are and spread a little bit of sunshine and sparkle. The items that are made are necklaces, bracelets, earrings and others. They are perfect for women and men; however, my clients are mostly women. They buy the trendy jewellery in the shop, such as earrings of various shapes and from different materials. I mostly use copper and then have 18 k gold plated and silver-plated jewellery too.

Team:  Ksenija Ustimenko                                 

Coach:  Jeva Karabeško

Mentor: Čārlzs Bušmans

Contacts: www.etsy.com/shop/VanillaCrunchDesign?ref=seller-platform-mcnav


Business Idea: Production of functional food products

Team:  Anna Voika

Coach:  Rita Sprindžuka

Mentor: Iveta Cīrule


Business Idea: Online SKI&SNB Club, video lectures, courses, instructor feed-back, mountain trip planning & equipment reviews

Team:  Daria Polakova

Coach: Jeva Karabeško

Mentor: Aleksands Zelinskis


Business Idea: Various design medical bracelets with access to users health history digitally.

Team:  Alvis Balodis

Coach: Jolanta Jansone

Mentor: Sigvards Krongorns


Business Idea: Inda - design from north. Home and office accessories with personality and value of a dream.

Team: Santa Inda - Vengera : design, Megija Paškova – project management, Solveiga Vītola -  technical performance

Coach: Rita Sprindžuka

Mentor: Iveta Cīrule

Contact info: [email protected]


Business Idea: Internataional student lounge is a place where international students meet and create a global community in Riga

Team: Inese Mucenience, Luīze Reuta, Linda Upeniece, Nora Paula Bargā

Coach: Jolanta Jansone

Mentor: Liene Pērkone

Contacts: [email protected] 


Business Idea: Design gift wrapping paper (paper design)

Team:  Elīna Bite

Coach: Dace Andersone   

Mentor: Čārlzs Bušmans


Business Idea:  A Week long adventure with opportunities such as learning how to surf, exploring exotic Azores islands in the Atlantic Ocean, enjoying southern Sun in Winter, and much more

Team:  Zane Roķe

Coach: Dace Andersone

Mentor: Edgars Plešs


Business idea: Handmade furniture made from wood and metal and interior design items.  

Team: Zane Jansone, Toms Bergans-Berģis, Raivis Jansons

Couch: Dace Andersone

Mentor: Čārlzs Bušmans, Krišjānis Šnore - consultant


Business idea: Vintage bicycle  renovation

Team: Miks Šulmeistars

Couch: Dace Andersone

Mentor: Jānis Prūsis