This year, during Christmas, we invite RISEBA employees, students and graduates to join the charity campaign in support of the Children's Clinical University Hospital. This year, we invite you to fill Courage Boxes for children who face fear and anxiety when they arrive at the hospital.


What is Courage Box?

In order to try to evoke positive emotions and reduce fear or anxiety before the upcoming procedure or manipulation, the Children's Hospital has introduced Courage boxes, from which every small and large patient of the hospital can receive a reward for the courage shown. Courage boxes both in Latvia and in other parts of the world operate thanks to donations, therefore it is important that the activity of donators is equally high in all seasons and there is never a shortage of gifts, because courage is needed by hospital patients every day throughout the year.


Everyone experiences a greater or lesser experience when they get to the hospital, regardless of whether it is necessary to simply talk to a doctor, receive an injection, undergo an examination using medical equipment, or be treated in an inpatient facility for a longer period of time. After a brave procedure, or if particularly bravery is required, even before it, the patient can choose the item he likes the most. In practice, it has been experienced many times that the received gift improves the patient's mood and strengthens cooperation with doctors, creating positive associations with the medical staff and the hospital as a whole. If a repeated inpatient or outpatient visit to the doctor is required, the child already feels much safer.


What can be put in the Courage box?

Courage boxes can hold small items up to 30 cm in size, such as child-safe toys, puzzles, books, board games or items for sports activities. All items must be new and in their original packaging.
Food (including sweets) and items exceeding 30 cm in size or not safe for children (for example, containing small parts, magnets, etc.) are not used in the courage box.

We invite everyone to join and replenish the courage box of the "RISEBA" university until 09.01.2023, Meža Street 3, Customer Service Center.


RISEBA x charity

RISEBA x charity