Children At Work 2018

On 1 June 2018, the International Day for the Protection of Children, as part of the Children At Work campaign, 17 children whose parents or grandparents work at RISEBA learned about their family members’ professions and workplace.

As with many workplaces, their day started with a morning meeting, which was opened with greetings from the Chancellor and continued with getting to know each other, being dividing into groups and receiving a surprise ice cream from the Chancellor. After the meeting, the children started their first task, which was an orienteering game throughout the university’s main building on Meža Street. They visited their parents and found out what a normal day of work looks like for professors, directors of various study programmes, the Chancellor, the Client Service Centre, the External Relations Department, the Marketing and Communication Department and for employees at other departments, as well as visited the Vocational Secondary School Victoria. During the day they also took part in different team building activities and got to know interesting facts about our university.

After having learned everything about the main building, the children’s next stop was the RISEBA Architecture and Media Centre H2O 6. On the way there, they participated in a photo challenge where every group had to take photos of themselves in various places and find different objects.

At the H2O 6 Centre, children could step into the shoes of an architect by drawing and creating their dream house. Everyone watched films made by the Audiovisual Media Arts students, as well as saw the video, sound recording and editing rooms to see where and how the films are made. The older children had a lesson on the safe use of the internet, run by Gustavs Kreicbergs, our Marketing and Communications Project Manager. Alongside the learning activities, the children also took part in creating a collective painting that depicts an owl, which is the symbol of our university.

At the end of the day, the parents and grandparents joined the children to hear about their experiences and to see what had been done during the day. Every child got a certificate of participation and a gift. This was an exciting and educational day, filled with positive emotions, and will become a RISEBA tradition in the future.

The Children At Work campaign has been organized for the fourth time by the Amigo Initiative for Happy Families, to encourage companies to create a family-friendly working environment and to give children the opportunity to get to know their parents’ and grandparents’ profession and workplace.


Darbā bērni 2018