Student Council

RISEBA Student Council (RISEBA SC) is a voluntary organization which consists of the students of RISEBA University College. They support and defend the interests of students and help to improve the daily study process. The internal structure of RISEBA Student Council provides information circulation among the students.

We open the doors to make your study years unforgettable and filled with adventures!

We give students the opportunity to improve their knowledge by organizing various kinds of events: Christmas Ball, RISEBA Golden Awards, Introduction week, Ice Hockey Championship “Arhikauss” and other events.

One of the strongest departments in RISEBA SC is the International club which offers the opportunity to collaborate with foreign students, including ERASMUS, and to participate and organize events which are specifically designed for the integration of international students.

We are also working with students and provide support for issues such as questions regarding the organization of the study process and help between the communication between students and the University board.

Contact us: [email protected]


From left: head of the cultural direction Annija Balandīna, President Kristers Bārda, Vice-president Elena Kim.