Distance learning

Have you left Latvia and work abroad now?
Are you away on vacation and sunbathing at the seaside?
Are you a young mum and spend most of your time home?
And still, you are up-and-coming and want to continue studying?

DISTANCE LEARNING or E-STUDIES will become Your best choice!

You can apply in person or online. Information about admission and submissions, entrance exams and consultations is published in Postgraduate Studies and Undergraduate studies sections.

Advantages of distance learning 

You can study wherever you are and choose where and when you can do it. Plan your own flexible schedule of learning; combine your studies with work, family life or leisure. Choose your own tempo of learning when you go through some complicated topics.

Study via the Internet and use educational materials online.

Cost efficient
Study and save your time and money! You won’t have to spend your time on your way to school and then back home. No travel costs and worries about staying in Riga overnight.

Distance education is accessible to everyone, no matter what the age, education, profession or point of residence of the student is. We welcome applications from people with limited mobility as well!

All RISEBA undergraduate and postgraduate programmes received a maximum possible accreditation and are highly rated by experts. Choose your favourite programme from online degree programmes, study and meet us face to face only at your thesis defence and at graduation!

Online degree programmes

Undergraduate programmes
Study programme Language of studies Programme length

Fee per 2019/2020 year, EUR (for EU citizens)

Fee per 2019/2020 year, EUR (for non-EU citizens)
Business management Latvian 4.5 years 1650 EUR -
Business management English 4.5 years 2500 EUR 2750  EUR
Business Management in Digital Environment  Latvian 4.5 years 2000 EUR _
Business Psychology
Latvian 3.5 years 1800 EUR _
Postgraduate programmes  
Study programme  
Language of studies Programme length Fee per 2019/2020 year, EUR (for EU citizens) Fee per 2019/2020 year, EUR (for non-EU citizens)
Business management Latvian 2.5 years 1750 EUR -
Strategic Business Management English 1.5 years 3000 EUR 3500 EUR


Distance learning at RISEBA

  • Distance learning at RISEBA mainly uses electronic technologies – Internet, Skype, audio and video content. The study materials prepared by academic staff are available for students in e.riseba. Students residing in Latvia can also benefit from face-to-face classes.
  • Students receive specially prepared electronic educational materials where they find all information necessary for every course – text documents, video lectures, practical exercises, self-evaluation quizzes, suggested reading, etc.
  • Distance learning materials include self-assessment tests. Their aim is to help students to test and strengthen their knowledge and skills.
  • E.riseba online forum is an active exchange of thoughts and experience, which helps students to gain a better understanding of complicated topics and solve outstanding issues.
  • Tests and examinations are to be passed online. Examinations are held twice a year – in December - January and in May - June.
  • Professional client advisers – teaching and administrative staff of RISEBA Centre for Distance Learning will always help the students to solve various issues.

Distance learning is an advanced form of education based on continuous learning without direct and uninterrupted contacts with teaching staff. According to The Law of the Republic of Latvia on Education, distance learning is defined as a form of extramural studies.

All educational materials will be available at e.riseba in the beginning of the e-studies semester – all necessary information, practical tasks, self-evaluation quizzes, suggested reading, as well as access to the e-learning videos. During continuous online communication, students are encouraged to address their questions in a written form. The distance learning process is cyclical – e.g. students get their tasks, send the answers to their teachers, receive their ratings and comments after that student have some new questions and the teacher answers them and send a new task with comments. The final session – defense of bachelor or master thesis will be organized face-to-face.

Please contact Vita Jegorova and Jekaterina Ignatovicas with all questions regarding the study process. E-mail: [email protected].

Please contact Elizabete Kvelde and Arita Berzina with all questions methodical materials.

дистанционное обучение
дистанционное обучение
дистанционное обучение