Ecology in student’s life: time not only to think but also to act!

Natālija Judina

Author: Natalija Judina,

RISEBA student


Nowadays it’s quite popular to care about nature, to use word "eco" everywhere and many of us think – that’s enough. Is it?

First of all let me tell you what is ecology. It is the science about how living organisms exist with each other and with nature around them (this is what internet tells us), but in other words it’s about caring for nature and living creatures.

Of course, it’s good that many people are becoming more aware about our planet’s life. However, its valuable to understand, this state of nature is dependent of each person. Every day everyone on our planet can do some easy steps that can improve nature. For example, you can recycle paper and lower your conception of water, save energy and to leave garbage in garbage cans, grow plants and reuse things.

Beginning of studies in university is a start of a new life’s stage and right there you can gain new knowledges about ecology, also meet new likeminded people and make some action plan to do less harm to nature. While in studies you can become aware that its cool to use bicycle, not a taxi and to also bring your own personal cup, so you wouldn’t have to think where to leave empty ones. Understandably first years of university can be quite tough and you might not think about ecology while you have to keep in your mind schedules, classes, projects and different kind of practical works.

Main problem lies in the fact, not everyone who cares about ecology are ready to change something in their daily life. For example, to lower consumption or spend more money on products that are more ecofriendly.

Join RISEBA Eco council team today and be more informed and interested (which also important) that its very useful to use the bicycle, eat more correctly and many different things. If you want to join us or if you have any question, please e-mail Valerija: [email protected]