Erasmus opportunities at RISEBA – still available and diverse


During Covid-19 restrictions students often ask – is Erasmus+ still working? Yes! Not only does it work, but it also complements its capabilities with virtual and combined mobility.

What is Erasmus+

The Erasmus+ programme is an amazing opportunity to study or do an internship abroad and receive Erasmus+ scholarship to cover travel and living expenses. The exchange program is an opportunity to gain international experience, get to know different cultures, improve your language skills, as well as make new contacts and friends. RISEBA currently has more than 140 partner/partnership universities worldwide.

Mobility opportunities

The impact of Covid19 pandemic on Erasmus+ programme has expanded its opportunities/capabilities, for example, students have the possibility to complete virtual or combined mobility.

Virtual mobility provides that student has the opportunity to choose one of the RISEBA partnership universities and study online with the possibility to take all final exams remotely. The student does not receive an Erasmus+ scholarship for virtual mobility.

In the case of a combined mobility, the student has an opportunity to start their mobility virtually, but at the moment, when the partnership university resumes study process on site, the student can go to the partnership university, participate in a physical mobility and receive Erasmus+ scholarship for this period of time.

Also internship mobility works for virtual and combined mobility.


Within one study cycle (bachelor's, master's, doctoral), a student can use a 12-month period for the Erasmus+ exchange programme. The student chooses whether it will be just study or internship mobility or a combination of these mobilities of his/her choice.

Any full-time or part-time student who has completed at least one year of study (bachelor's program) or one semester (master's program) can go on an Erasmus + exchange program. The period of study and internship mobility is from 2 to 12 months.

Selection criteria:

  • no academical and financial debts;
  • average grade- at least 7;
  • good English skills.

How to apply

  • Must apply in a competition organized by RISEBA.
  • Submit the necessary documents.
  • Fill out the application form.
  • Submit the motivation letter.

How to become a “student buddy” for Erasmus students?

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To get more information about the Erasmus+ programme, please contact Erasmus+ and double degree project manager Laima – find her contact information below.