Excursion for the Architecture students at the Hanzas Perons

At the end of March, RISEBA architecture students, together with the Dean of the Architecture and Design faculty, architect Jānis Dripe, went on an excursion to the new Hanzas Perons to see how the reconstruction of the former Riga cargo railway station was going, which is turning the site into a multifunctional venue for cultural events.

With the help of the author of the project, architect Reinis Liepiņš, the students got to know the project planning and implementation process. The youngsters could see what solutions were applied to transform the space into a modern place for events, maintaining the historic substance of the building, as well as other interesting challenges about the building that the architects had to face.

Reconstruction of the former Riga cargo railway station is reaching its final stage and it will open its doors in the summer of 2019. The building is one of the few remaining buildings that shows the scale of the former Riga cargo railway station. It has remained almost untouched until today - with beautiful brick walls and wooden beams. Two glazed station platforms and a 1230 m2 hall for various events. There will also be a restored trackside with a restaurant car and a locomotive in the lobby.

Professional collaboration with New Hanza City developer Pillar in Riga ("Pillar Rīgā").



Ekskursija Hanzas Peronā