Fighting For Film Workshop

Hollywood star trainer Roberta Brown, legendary film, TV and theater coach for stage fighting from Los Angeles, has over 20 years of theater, TV and film experience and is also considered a specialist for historical sword and sword fighting scenes.

We offer you this 3 day workshop is an introduction to film fighting. What to be aware of in the differences to stage and screen. We will be covering the “dos and don’ts”, playing reactions, getting yourself in the right position for the camera to get the most out of an on-screen fight. This a course to guide actors with no little to no experience in film fights, and looking to get an understanding of the difference between stage and screen.  No previous experience of stage or screen combat or any martial arts training is necessary to attend or complete our screen combat training programme, however, a reasonable level of fitness and mobility is essential. Minimum age for the course is 18+ years.

You will cover things such as:

– Working on camera: safety, angles, speed, and the static vs moving camera
– The fighter´s toolbox: punches, kicks, throws, takedowns, breakfalls and more
– Action casting: what a stunt coordinator might be looking for
– Partner fights vs Large-scale Brawls
– On-set etiquette
– Working internationally
 We will have an action camera operator throughout workshop, so you can immediately see how the techniques, and your work translates on screen. 

Materials needed: Padded Floor mats

Application form here

Date: FEBRUARY 15, 16, 17 2023 19:00 – 21:30 
Where: RISEBA H20 Campus

Cost: 20 spaces available
General admission: €195 EUR 
RISEBA Students: €65 EUR

Instructor:  ROBERTA BROWN - Swordmaster/ Fight Director
[email protected]



Most recently she coached the actors :

  • Patricia Arquette,
  • Alex Kingston,
  • Lucy Liu,
  • Noah Wyle,
  • Goran Visnjic,
  • Bo Derek,
  • Billy Campbell,
  • Hugo Speer,
  • Thomas Kretschmann,
  • Tessie Santiago,
  • Elizabeth Gracen,
  • Emily Blunt 
  • Bob Golic.

She was responsible for numerous fight scenes in well-known period films, but also became known as a fight scene specialist for TV series such as "Charlie's Angels". In addition, she travels the whole world as a sought-after workshop leader and advises and supervises, among other things