Interview with RISEBA student Edijs Pipars: "I used to ask for help, now I give it to others!"

Edijs Pipars, a student of the RISEBA bachelor's Business Psychology, recently won the charity award in the nomination "Support for Fellow People". At the charity organization, which he founded, Edijs really provides support every day.

Edijs’ life story is quite harsh. He comes from a poor large family. The mother raised 5 children alone. Despite the difficult circumstances, little Edijs got up every morning and went to school. "We had ups and downs in our lives, mostly downs. I have been on both sides  where I have to ask for help and where I am now - where I can provide help,” said Edijs in an interview.

  Edijs Pipars  

What was your path to choosing RISEBA studies?

When I started settling in Riga, I really wanted to study after a while. It seemed to me that I wanted to be a lawyer. I started studying law, but then I realized that this direction would not be mine. I left my first semester studies and could not decide where and what to study. And then one day I saw an ad on the Internet about Business Psychology. I was immediately attracted because I have always been interested in applied psychology and I had never heard of such study opportunities in Latvia before, which include both management knowledge and economics, as well as psychology.

In an interview you said that you are only doing what you really care about, that you will not formally do what is expected in society. If you have chosen to study Business Psychology, is it interesting from the bottom of your heart? What do you like about this study programme and how do you evaluate the quality of RISEBA studies?

Yes, it is very important for me to maintain my authenticity, that I am who I am and that I am destined to be. The main thing is that education is your choice, not as a result of pressure from parents, friends or others – in the end you will have to live your own life. No one can make decisions for you. And Business Psychology is my choice because the curriculum and the programme appealed to me. The programme has a variety that attracted me a lot, there are different fields, psychology, economics, accounting and many other interesting courses.

The quality of studies is high, the lecturers are amazing. Despite my busy daily schedule, the lecturers are welcoming. I was very inspired that the lecturers of Business Psychology are very selfless and humane. Always indicate and suggest the right approaches to the course.

You have worked in a bank, but now your work is more related to social affairs. How do you see yourself in the future?

Yes, I have quite a long experience in the banking sector. I currently work in aviation as a payroll accountant, which is actually quite an interesting job. However, in the future, I really see myself in another position that is closer to the social sphere. My second passion is management, I really like finding access to everyone. In parallel with my work in aviation, I have established and run one of the largest charity organizations in Latvia. The association helps people in difficulty throughout Latvia by providing material support, care, consultations in solving legal issues, as well as other types of assistance that can be crucial for a person in difficulty. We already have 60 volunteers in the team. This is a very specific niche in which I study every day. We have to find solutions on a daily basis, even in situations where we sometimes do not see a solution. I could talk a lot about this area because I love what I do and I do what I love.

Your family story shows that it was your childhood experience that was your motivation to strive up and achieve more.

Yes, my life is proof that you can always do better if you want to. And my life experience has brought great benefits to my life. I just see it every day. I know what it's like to be on both sides. And I always have something to compare.

Are you currently communicate with children, young people who, unfortunately, right now could be in a similar situation to your childhood? Do you manage to talk to them about motivation and similar topics?

My daily routine consists of mentoring and there is a young person in each family to share my experiences with. It's important to share your experiences so they know you can achieve a lot in life – if you want to. I have received a lot of questions from young people and I see that it is very interesting for them. I'm glad I can inspire someone.

By studying Business Psychology, do you gain knowledge about what is currently useful for you in working with people?

I think that every knowledge I gain in lectures is valuable and I can use it in practice and, of course, psychology is one of them. The course I have chosen has really given me a wide range of insights and knowledge in many areas, and the psychology section seems to me to be the most interesting, as it is quite universally applicable in almost any field and life situation, and helps to understand people's motives, reasons and why it happens exactly the same way and not to build good relationships with fellow human beings. Knowing it also helps to influence the ongoing processes. Psychology is especially important in leadership and working with people.

Good works pay off – have you felt it?

Good works really pay off. And most importantly, when you do good, you never have to expect anything in return. To do good is to do it from the heart and then all good comes back. As I say, take care of people and life will take care of you – it's like interaction. I have fulfilled my best wishes in more unimaginable ways. I have done and achieved a lot in my life.

Why would you recommend young people to study Business Psychology?

In my opinion, young people should be given more explanation of what business psychology is and how useful it is, both in business and management, and in other sectors, especially in working with people. For many young people, the word "psychology" is associated with a therapist who deals with a person's problems or even treatment, but psychology is a much broader science that studies people's minds and behaviors beyond clinical use and has a very wide range of practical applications. Combined with knowledge of economics, management and business, it is an almost ideal formula for success.

Edijs Pipars

Edijs Pipars receiving an award at a charity ceremony.

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Edijs Pipars