Introducing Keitija Grende, the new director of the bachelor's programme "Audiovisual media arts" Keitija Grende

Director of the Bachelor's study program Audiovisual Media Art - Keitija Grende has joined the university team.

K. Grende is a graduate of the RISEBA university - in 2018, she graduated from the master's study program "New Media and Audiovisual Art" with an excellent master's thesis - 360° 3D short film "Angst in Novostroika".

After graduating, K. Grende organized new media and acting classes at the university - practical virtual reality, video editing, audio directing and acting classes, which were invited to lead by university teachers.

K. Grende is pleased to be a part of the university team, not only by high professionalism, but also by goal-oriented environment. The greatest value of RISEBA university is humanity. With her professional approach, K. Grende will continue to advance the program so that students acquire not only a theoretical knowledge base, but also work practically both in the university environment and in real companies and projects of the audiovisual industry.

K. Grende has worked in the sales department of SEB banka, in the marketing department of FedEx and works as a copywriter for Draugiem Group. Production, video and audio processing knowledge acquired during studies, K. Grende regularly uses on her platform Keitija Sāra.

To the question of what inspires you, the director of the program gave following answer: "The greatest inspiration is the ability to be the best version of yourself. I believe that you can be excellent in any field only if you have organized your physical and mental body and you know how to find a moment for yourself, which is also the reason why I attach great importance to physical activities in my everyday life.

We are proud that our team has been joined by a unique, skilled and dedicated person.


Keitija Grende

Keitija Grende