Introducing Valerijs Dombrovskis, the new director of the bachelor's programme "Business Psychology"

Mg.psych. Valerijs Dombrovskis

Director of RISEBA bachelor study programme Business Psychology. Conducts lectures on Civil Defense, Psychological Aspects of Group Management, Psychological Aspects of Professional Communication and General Psychology.

Valerijs is a doctoral candidate in psychology and a social psychologist with 15 years of experience in the field of psychology. Valerijs has devoted a significant part of his career both as a practicing psychologist and as a doctoral student to the study of social processes – how an individual influences society and how society influences an individual. Valerijs has considerable experience of almost 10 years in resocialization work with various types of convicted persons. For the last 4 years in the service, Dombrovskis has climbed the career ladder to the position of deputy boss working with addicts. He is responsible for the management of the psychological support team and for all processes related to the implementation of the program for addicted convicts. In addition, Valerijs specializes in negotiation, motivational interviewing and self-defense. In order to be able to share his knowledge with the wider community and inspire others, Valerijs has been involved in the work of the university as a lecturer in recent years.

Valerijs has earned special attention with the establishment of the Latvian Cyber ​​Psychology Association, which in cooperation with RISEBA University plans to further develop cyber psychology as a new interdisciplinary study direction, which will be based on the association's newly developed concept of the cyber world and its processes.

We are proud that our team has been joined by a unique specialist with high-quality work experience and thinking!

  Valerijs Dombrovskis  
Valerijs Dombrovskis