Dear students, colleagues, graduates and the whole RISEBA family!

It's been a month since COVID-19 made us adjust our lives to the new reality. RISEBA staff and students have also studied and taught remotely during this emergency situation. Our team takes special care to ensure that studies continue in a positive atmosphere.

We developed new RISEBA procedure for submission and defending final thesis completely remotely, which allows providing everyone with the opportunity to submit and defend their final theses, wherever we are, accordingly to the study plan. We invite all students to continue their studies and research work.

As a response to this emergency situation all RISEBA students studying at partner universities, as well as foreign students studying at RISEBA, full time or exchange programs, were contacted to ensure their safety. Some have returned to their home countries, most have chosen to stay and study remotely. Erasmus outgoing students tender continues and we hope that students will take advantage of these opportunities in the next year of study or as soon as the travel restrictions are lifted. Erasmus internships tender for both students and graduates, will be announced soon. Also, business travel of our employees have been rescheduled but not cancelled.

8th of April is a deadline for application to Creative Business Incubator. Thanks to all the teams that submitted their ideas already. However, all those who dream and plan to implement their business ideas, you still have an opportunity to apply! Those interested in internships and job offers are welcome to contact RISEBA Career Centre!

We draw your attention to the fact that this emergency does not affect tuition fees: those remain in the previous amounts. With understanding that students may experience financial difficulties as a result of the deterioration of the economic situation, we decided that students who up to now have made their payments according to the schedule will not be subject to 5% fee in case they need to adjust their payment schedule now. We will surely find solutions to any payment schedule issue – just make sure to contact your studies administration

Summer admissions for the year 2020-2021 are also in full swing: students in Latvia and abroad continue to choose RISEBA as their place to study. We will also have the opportunity to meet virtually. Also, we will adapt and become iSEBA – electronic study environment.


First electronic RISEBA Open Days are planned on 7th of May, where participants will learn about the university and talk with each study programme director about programmes of their interest. E‑Career Days will also take place in May: for two days Latvian companies will share their stories of overcoming these exceptional circumstances, as well as offer possible work and internship opportunities. More information about these and other RISEBA events can be found both on RISEBA social media and on our website.

And most importantly, remember that there are holidays ahead of us: I wish you and your family sunny Easter!