Covid-19 Safety Precautions and Restrictions

Dear students and visitors!

The country still has Covid-19 security measures and restrictions in place for educational institutions and the study process. On April 1, security rules have been reduced.

For your and our safety, please observe the following RISEBA regulations:

  • The study process at a higher education institution takes place remotely, except in cases when full-time studies are specified to ensure the study process.
  • Face masks may not be used on the university premises, but the head of the institution may decide on the need to use them in case of deterioration of the epidemiological situation. In rooms where more than 50 people are present, we recommend the use of medical masks or FFP2 type respirators, as well as the observance of distance conditions.
  • Students identified as contact person do not need to stay be in home quarantine and they can participate in the study process. As far as possible, we recommend the use of medical masks or FFP2 respirators.
  • Students with confirmed or reasonable suspicion of infection with Covid-19 may disregard isolation if at least seven days have elapsed since infection or confirmation of suspicion and at least 24 hours prior to returning to full-time study.
  • Please monitor your health on a regular basis - the presence of people with signs of respiratory infectious diseases during the full-time study process is not allowed.
  • On-site entrance examinations and graduations take place in accordance with the regulations for public events in force during the relevant period.

We remind you that the management of the university follows the government's decisions and changes in the regulatory framework in relation to the epidemiological situation in the country and will inform about changes in the existing regulations accordingly.

Stay safe!