Project Division

The objective of Project Division is to help develop the university through state and European Union funded projects, promote scientific research and comprehensive use of university staff potential.

One of Project division tasks is to inform RISEBA academic and administrative staff and students about European and national support opportunities and ensure students' acquisition of practical skills in project management.

Project Division work in following areas

• Education (lifelong learning/ higher Education/ vocational education/ Distance Learning and other projects that is directly or indirectly related to education);

• Youth (projects related to youth/ scholarships/ mobility/ training);

• Business Development (Modernisation/ infrastructure/ new equipment/ tools/ marketing etc.);

• Starting a business;

• Cooperation (cross-border cooperation/ experience sharing/ foreign visits/ workshops/ training/ e-business);

• Culture (arts/ music/ architecture/ film industry etc.);

• Science and Research;

• Social sector (Employment/ social environment/ equality/ charity/ against discrimination/ against violence/ integration of society);

• And other areas.