Public Relations and Advertising Management



The only professional Bachelor study program in the field of advertising in Latvia, as well as the only program where advertising, public relations and event production are combined. This gives programme graduates a great advantage in the labour market, because by gaining in-depth knowledge in the chosen field of study (advertising or public relations, or event production) they gain significant insight into the other two areas.

Study direction The Information and Communication Science 
Degree awarded
Professional Bachelor’s degree  of Public Administration
Credit points/ECTS: 160 CP (240 ECTS)
Accreditations  until June 31st,2021
Study form

Full time studies (day) 4 years
Part time studies (evening) 4,5 years

Language Latvian
starting from 2021./2022.acadmic year latvian or english (Full time studies)
Qualifications Advertising manager
Public relations manager
Event producer
* Selection of qualifications after the second year of study.


The accreditation process of the study field is currently underway. At the end of this process, a new accreditation term will take effect.

Tuition fee Study programme is delivered only in Latvian, please see Tuition fee here


Programme director

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, Mg. oec., Mg.chem. Glorija Sarkane 
+371  67 626 600
[email protected]


Programme  curriculum

Year 1 Year 2

Business Communication

Introduction to Advertising
Introduction to PR
Introduction to Mass Communications
Fundamentals of Computer Graphics
Introduction to Scientific Research
Non-Verbal Communication
Topicalities of the Contemporary Latvian Language in the Aspect of Communication
Fundamentals of Journalism
Practical Guide to Obtaining and Interpreting Information
Basics of Persuasive Communication
Social Psychology
Psychology of Group Interaction
Development of Post-Industrial Society
Research Methods in Advertising and PR


Marketing Communication
Ethics of Communication
Politics and Communication
Presentation Skills
Business Etiquette and Protocol
Types of Advertising
Creative Process
New Information (Media) Technologies
Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship
Theories of Public Opinion
Reputation Management
Unconventional Advertising and PR Campaigns

Project management



Year 3 Year 4 
Online communication
Building media relationships
Legal aspects of mass communication processes
Basics of visual communication
Management expertise
Integrated marketing communication
Psychology of organizations
Public administration
Consumer behavior
Basics of composition
History of advertising/public relations
Color lesson
Introduction to advertising design
Boilerplate in advertising/public relations
Media planning
Introduction to semiotics
Tactics and strategy of Public Relations
Public relations internship
Technique of public speaking
Legal aspects of the scope of the measures
Latvian cultural history
Management of the event
Visual design of the event
Event marketing

International Public Relations
Crisis Communication Management
Media Relations
Discourse Analysis
Practical Communication in Social Media

International public relations
Crisis communication management
Media semiotics
Service marketing
Marketing communication in the internet environment
Use of computer graphics in advertising
Advertising / public relations campaign
planning and management
Development of advertising ideas
Stage management
Production of the event
Scenario of the event
Directing the event


Undergraduate Thesis

Additional courses upon your choice:

Public relations in politics
Development of creative imagination
Second foreign language (Spanish, French, Russian)
Computer graphics programmes
TV journalism
Intercultural communication
Experience marketing
Content marketing
Theories of Career Development
Corporate culture and communication

* RISEBA reserve rights to make adjustments  up to 20 % of the  programme content.


Study methods

Study programme is implemented in lectures, seminars, practical classes, internships, consultations with scientific leaders of research works. In addition to traditional forms of work, interactive methods of study are also practiced: projects within the course of study, work in groups, trainings (for example, media trainings), role-playing games, introspection and analysis of situations, creative works, discussion methods, analysis of video recordings of classes, etc. Students are introduced to the real work environment and the requirements of the labor market during their study tours to agencies, media and other organizations.


Carrer opportunities

The program is created for those who want to work in the field of advertising, public relations, marketing or event management. Graduates of the program can work in public relations, communication, marketing, events and advertising agencies, as well as in enterprises, institutions, non-governmental organizations.


Application process

Admission requirements 2020/2021


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