Student reviews

Eva Selga

Eva Selga

Head of the Board of Latvian Association of Personnel Management

RISEBA postgraduate programme “Human Resource Management” allows every practicing HR manager to gain knowledge one needs the most. In my opinion, this is the biggest benefit of the programme. Discussions and practical training allow the students to find out various views on the same issue. It also proves how creative an HR manager’s profession is.






Sarmīte Elksne 

Sarmīte Elksne

Human Resources Manager at Rautakesko SIA

RISEBA postgraduate programme “Human Resource Management” includes all necessary courses for human resources professionals working in organisations. This programme gives students both theoretical and practical knowledge, generously provided by lecturers-practisers. Each and every student will find out the answers to their questions in terms of these courses. Students with many years’ experience in human resource management will rub their knowledge of a subject and complement it during the discussions with lecturers and in their independent works. Students with minor experience will get a broader view on human resource management. Individual experience of group mates, sharing of this experience and interchange of views is also a useful possibility granted by this programme.


Irena Leonenko 

Irēna Ļeoņenko

HR Director of Baltic Beach Hotel

When I was making a decision about studies, the most important thing for me was that RISEBA postgraduate programme “Human Resource Management” was developed by Latvian Association of Personnel Management specialists – people, who has been working in this field for years, as well as the fact that many of them already were lecturers at RISEBA. This programme gives all necessary knowledge for current and future specialists, a possibility to learn from industry experts, see and sense the problems relevant to the profession.



Liene Vancane

Marija Gendriksone

Second-year part-time student of postgraduate “Human Resource Management” programme

This programme gave me an opportunity to learn from HR professionals, look at various HR processes from another point of view. During the studies I gained knowledge in human resources’ field and got a systematic vision of human resource management processes in organisations. There were used such methods as case studies, problem solving, work in small groups and analytical researches during the studies, and it made the educational process even more interesting and effective. Also, a possibility to study on Saturdays is really comfortable, because it doesn’t interfere with work.


Marija Gendriksone

Recruitment Specialist at Strategic Staffing Solutions

I have graduated the MA International Business programme from RISEBA in 2012. Ever since, I have truly appreciated the value of this particular programme and its impact on my professional life. Not only it gives the opportunity to receive a Double degree in partnership with a number of acknowledged European Universities, but it also broadens the horizons of international job opportunities. In my case, I have received a chance to do my Internship at NATO Headquarters in Brussels and then to stay there as a temporary employee in the HR Department. Only 40-60 individuals per year from all NATO member nations get a chance to do the internship at the Headquarters out of thousands of applicants. The subjects taught and the professors teaching in MA International Business programme are competitive with Western European education level. The knowledge I have gained have never failed me, and I apply it every day at work. Now, I am happy to be back to Latvia and working in a very dynamic American company focusing on Recruitment. The knowledge of International Business gained in RISEBA helps me to run successful daily operations and deliver projects for Global Companies.