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Professional post-graduate programme: Master of Architecture (MA) is a logical continuation of RISEBA University, Faculty of Architecture and Design ( FAD),  Bachelor of Science Architecture programme.
The MA programme is an accredited  professional degree in architecture which permits graduates to pursue architects’ professional certification and accepted in the Republic of Latvia. 


Degree awarded

Professional Master's degree in Architecture




80 CP / 120 ECTS




Until 2nd February, 2029


Study form


Full time evening studies

Study Specialization

Standard Track

Specialization Track





Tuition fee per year


7800 EUR  (for citizens of EU, EEA, CIS countries, Georgia, Ukraine and other countries)

8200EUR  (for non EU countries)


Programme length 


2 years 


The accreditation process of the study field is currently underway. At the end of this process, a new accreditation term will take effect.

Programme director

Rūdolfs Dainis Šmits










Mg. Theol. BArch Rūdolfs Dainis Šmits
Phone: +371 29515554; e
-mail: [email protected]

Programme curriculum

Architecture and Urban Planning studies Business, Professional practice, Law and BIM technologies
Architecture Design and Research: sustainability and construction industry trends
Urban planning and global planning trends
Urban anthropology, social and economic forces
Transport infrastructure and modality
Urban planning research documentation methodology
Heritage protection, preservation guidelines and urban planning
Building Information modelling
Sustainable Design (BREEAM and LEED)
Professional Law and liability
International practice, design and project management
Social competence 
Business administration and management
Electives and Independent study options Internship
Design innovation  and experimental research projects
Fine art studies

Study methods

Professional postgraduate programme "Architecture" is designed to provide students with professional postgraduate level education and practical experience of a high quality in architecture and urban planning, as well as deep theoretical knowledge in architecture and urban planning science, which would be beneficial for correspondent scientific field and grow Latvian intellectual potential in accordance with European Union standards and priorities due to ongoing process of globalization.

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International opportunities

Erasmus+ study mobility

* Any full-time student of the Master's programme in Architecture who has completed at least one year of study can go to the Erasmus+ exchange programme.

* A student can go to study for 1 or 2 semesters at one of the RISEBA partner universities. The duration of study mobility is 2-12 months.

* The student does not have to pay for the period spent in the study and practice exchange programme abroad, the tuition fee is covered by the partner university, but the student continues to pay the RISEBA tuition fee. For the period spent abroad during the mobility, the student is awarded an Erasmus+ scholarship to cover transport and accommodation costs.

* Erasmus+ Internship Mobility means that a student can do an internship in one of the companies they are interested in in one of the Erasmus+ programme countries. The student receives an Erasmus+ scholarship for this internship period. The duration of the internship mobility is 2-12 months.


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