Professional postgraduate programme “Architecture” is a consistent and logical continuation of RISEBA University College academic undergraduate programme “Architecture”, which would allow graduates to obtain architecture certificate and begin professional practice in accordance with certification requirements of architects of the Republic of Latvia.

Professional postgraduate programme “Architecture” is designed to provide students with professional postgraduate level education and practical experience of a high quality in architecture and urban planning, as well as deep theoretical knowledge in architecture and urban planning science, which would be beneficial for correspondent scientific field and grow Latvian intellectual potential in accordance with European Union standards and priorities due to ongoing process of globalization.

Degree awarded: Master in Architecture
Language of instruction: English
Qualification professional architect
The form of study:  full-time studies 
International opportunities one semester studies abroad (ERASMUS Programme) or intership

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Study environment

The studies are held at RISEBA Architecture and Media Centre H2O 6.

Programme  curriculum

2 years long Professional Master’s programme in Architecture (80 credits / 120 ECTS) is a follow-up to an existing 3,5 years long Academic Bachelor’s study programme in Architecture (140 credits / 210 ECTS). The total length of the Architecture studies at RISEBA (Bachelor + Master) shapes the volume of 330 ECTS or 5,5 full-time study years thus meeting the general requirements of the EU standards for Architects profession.

The main study modules are as follows: 

Industry studies of architecture and urban planning – architectural design and research in the context of sustainability and modern industry tendencies, broader context and international trends of urban planning, including such aspects as urban anthropology, economy, transport and mobility, urban planning related documentation development methodology, heritage concept and landscapes.

Business, management and law studies, BIM – Building Information Modelling, basics of sustainable design (BREEAM and LEED standards) – basic law studies, international architecture project management, social dialogue, creating and leading a company.

Optional studies – creativity and unconventional research aspects, art studies, languages, etc.

Internship – internship opportunities in leading local and international architecture companies, state and municipal institutions. 

Teaching staff

Experienced and internationally recognised academic staff will ensure the academic experience for students of a top quality:

architect, guest lecturer Mg.arch. Dirk Jan Postel (NL), architect, assistant professor Dr.arch. Ilze Paklone, social anthropologist, guest lecturer candidate Viesturs Celmiņš, architect, lecturer Dr.h.c.arch. Jānis Dripe, urban planner and architect, guest lecturer Mg.arch. Egons Bērziņš, architect, guest lecturer Mg.arch. Visvaldis Sarma, assoc. professor Iveta Ludviga, assoc. professor Iveta Cīrule, assistant professor Astra Spalvēna, guest professor, Aigars Bikše, lecturer Atis Kampars, guest lecturer Dr.iur. Jānis Rušenieks, guest lecturer Dr.geogr. Andis Kublačovs, guest lecturer Hadley Barrett (UK), guest lecturer Dr.arch. Jana Jākobsone, guest lecturer Jānis Berķis, lecturer Dr.oec. Ivars Ruņģis and others.

Form of study, duration and tuition fees 

Form of study  Duration  Language  Fee per year, EUR 
full-time studies, evening  2 years English 6200 EUR per year*

4960 EUR per year – the study fee with the 20% discount applies to citizens and permanent residents of The Republic of Latvia (discount is applied to all study period – 2 years).

Study programme is licenced by the Ministry of Education and Science of Republic of Latvia.





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