Open Guest Lecture: Education and job as an art.

Motivational Seminar: Education and job as an art. December 20, RISEBA Meza St.3, room number 306, from 6 pm till 7:30 pm.
Language of the lecture: English.

This is the opportunity for everyone, no matter they are students, teachers or working people to attend this seminar and we believe, it will be a turning point for most of you.

As Avikk himself is a very Inspiring personality. He is among one of those few Motivational Speakers who are the examples of everything they teach or preach

and If you are already optimist, then attending his seminars is definitely going to take your Optimism and Decision making to a much higher level.

Open Guest Lecture speaker Avikk Parkour.

Avikk is born in India but now based in Europe. His experiences from the streets of India to Air Force Trainer to Corporate Trainer and Manager to International TV shows and Big Stages of Opera, Avikk has stolen the limelight everywhere.Now he is an International Choreographer, Director, Motivational speaker, Fitness trainer and Actor/Performer.

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Avikk Parkour