Pardaugava Festival - 2019

On 18 May the tenth Pardaugava Festival will take place in Arcadia Park and its surroundings, where visitors will be invited to attend the creative event cafe "Radi Māras Ezeru" (Create Lake Mara) and celebrate the time together in a special part of Riga and Latvia - Pardaugava, enjoying a diverse cultural, entertainment and sporting event programme.

Also this year, the RISEBA University of Applied Sciences will actively participate in the festival and welcomes festival attendees in the cinema tent!

You will be able to watch Latvian movies all day long in the RISEBA cinema tent - new works created by students, films about Pardaugava, as well as a special gift for the visitors of the festival - two shows of the new Latvian movie “Homo Novus” by Director and RISEBA Lecturer Anna Viduleja. We did not choose “Homo Novus” for the event randomly - the time and society reflected in the movie is what comes to our minds when thinking about Mara Pond and Arcadia Park.

At 13.00 all hockey fans are welcome to the cinema tent to watch the World Hockey Championship and support the Latvian team together in the hockey match against the team of Russia. This year RISEBA student Artūrs Kulda is also a member of the Latvian national team, which we are particularly pleased about.

From 12.00 to 23.00, in the cafe, you will be able to enjoy live music performed by young professionals (cinema music, body percussion, jazz, classics), green workshops with Riga School of National Science; at 14.00 the ride of balance bicycles, scooters and small bicycles for the youngest inhabitants of Pardaugava will take place. You will also be able to rent a boat and SUP boards and row your way to the heart of Lake Mara. We will also serve delicious wine, food and snacks with “Street Food Latvia” and bring you many other events that will gradually turn into Museum Night; you will be able to visit Ojārs Vācietis Museum and Jānis Akuraters Museum after 23.00.

Pārdaugavas svētki 2019






















Supporters - Very Berry, RISEBA, Gemoss, Dienas Deva, DGR Baltic.

More information about the Festival programme and the participants is available on the website and Facebook page.

Pārdaugavas svētki 2019