Plogging – green sport and care for nature

Natālija Judina

Author: Natalija Judina, RISEBA Student Council


I doubt that many people know what "plogging" is. You can type this word many times in Google, but in most cases your phone will try to correct it to “blogging”. This word does exist, but in Latvia only few have heard about it.

Plogging is a new initiative, which was made in Sweden and it combines both running and cleaning up the places around us. While running you can also pick up some trash, which are left on the street, smaller roads or somewhere outside cities. Swedes started this trend 5 years ago, and already it’s slowly becoming more popular around the world.

Habit of running is becoming more popular. Right now, there are more than 20k people, which partake in plogging activities in more than 100 countries and help their local communities by picking up trash when they go for a run.

In Latvia this type of sport appeared only 2 years ago, but it doesn’t mean that it has only few followers. You can go plogging by yourself or join one of the teams that go around Latvia help nature and also get to see new places.

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Author: Natalija Judina