ProCESS winter school at "RISEBA" University of Applied Sciences

Sensory, Emotional, and Spiritual capacities (SES Skills) and their application to manage business complexity Seminar - Multiplier Event

This event will present the result of the ProCESS Project - an original and innovative methodology to deal with complex management issues through alternating sequences of mobilization of Sensory, Emotional, and Spiritual capacities (SES Skills), in addition to rational capacities.

We will discuss the need and the value of SES skills in organizational environment as well as experience of Latvian organizations related to development and application of SES skills.

ProCESS project results and experience:

Complexity and complex problems – why we need a novel approach?
What are SES skills and ProCESS method?


  • Christophe Pons, project manager, Lyon Catholic 
  • University, France
  • Anne Eskola, JAMK University of Applied Sciences, 
  • Finland
  • Vincent Goubier, Lyon Catholic University, France
  • Arnaud Trenvouez, Performance, France
  • Violeta Firescu and Adriana Sava, Technical University 
  • of Cluj-Napoca Romania 
  • Iveta Ludviga, RISEBA University of Applied Sciences, 
  • Latvia

SESS experience in Latvian organizations:

  • Presentations and panel discussion
  • Experiencing SES skills thru music