Professor Lūcija Rutka is elected as the new rector of RISEBA university

Lūcija Rutka, vice-rector of the university, is elected as the new rector of RISEBA University by the decision of the RISEBA Constitution.

On April 19, 2023, the RISEBA University of Business, Arts and Technology's Constitutional Assembly elected the current Vice Rector of RISEBA Studies, professor Lūcija Rutka, as the new rector of RISEBA University of Applied Sciences.

Professor Lūcijas Rutka: "I would like to thank my colleagues and students for their trust, and the members of the Constitutional Assembly for the positive vote. Working together, we have achieved a lot - international recognition, accreditation of study programs for the maximum terms, reflection of scientific performance in internationally important databases, digitization of university processes. My vision of the strategic development concept is to continue growing and developing into an internationally recognized university of applied sciences, preparing globally competitive, high-level professionals and society leaders. The cornerstones of RISEBA University's development are sustainable growth, international competitiveness and digital transformation".

Professor Lūcija Rutka received her education at the University of Latvia, graduating from the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, after which she obtained a doctorate in psychology. Also, Lūcija Rutka has graduated from the RISEBA master's program "Personnel management".

Lūcija Rutka is an expert of the Latvian Science Council, the author of many internationally recognized publications, a participant and manager of Latvian and international projects, a teacher recognized and highly rated by students.

Her work experience began at the University of Latvia and continues at the RISEBA university, where she initially held the positions of the head of the Business Department, the dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics, and later the positions of vice-rector of studies and acting rector.

RISEBA university rector elections are held every five years, the rector is elected by the Constitutional Assembly. The Constituent Assembly consists of the elected representatives of the university collective (representatives of the academic and administrative staff, as well as representatives from the Student Council).



RISEBA rector Lūcija Rutka