Students Conferences

Studentu konference

Business, Art and Technology high school RISEBA (hereinafter RISEBA) announces the International Students Research and Artistic Creation Conference “Changing World – in Search for New Solutions - 2019” (hereinafter - Conference). The Conference is held in line with these Regulations and Conference cost estimate approved by the rector.

Conference Tracks:

1. Financial Markets – Situation Assessment and Challenge Analysis

2. Assessment of Financial Institutions and Their Development Possibilities

3. Decision Making in Digital Transformation Age

4. Financial Technologies (FinTech) and Performance Management

5. P

5. Business Meets Art: Opportunities and Challenges in Financial area

6. Architecture Decisions to Financial Institutions

7. Project Management Solutions in Financial Area

8. Advertising: Trends in Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow. Marketing and Advertising in Financial area

9. Business Psychology and Human Resource Management

10. Audio-visual Arts and Media Innovative Solutions

11. Social Technologies as a Tool for Creative Personality Development

12. Economics and Entrepreneurship

 Conference Participants:

Undergraduate study programme and postgraduate study programme students and alumni, who defended Graduation Paper in 2018/2019 study year, and students of secondary and vocational schools.

 General Provisions of Conference:

Applications of the Conference participants and paper submission is done electronically till May 27, 2019

Conference languages: Latvian, Russian, English

The Conference Organizing Committee has the right to unify the sections and evaluate contest results in the unified section. An additional section is organized for evaluating research works of pupils. Maximum number of sections – 8

The conference will be held: June 6, 2019

Reglamentation of the event can be found here.

Guidlines for formatting papers can be found here.