EEA/NFM “Scholarships”

Project "RISEBA and University of Agder Cooperation in Student and Staff Mobility"

RISEBA University has signed an agreement with the State Education Development Agency (SEDA) about the implementation of the project "RISEBA and University of Agder Cooperation in student and staff mobility", No. EEA/NFI/S/2015/017, under the activity “Scholarships” of the program “Research and scholarships” that is co-financed by the financial instrument of the European Economic Area (EEA) and TheNorwegian Financial Instrument (NFI).

The Objective of the Activity "Scholarships" 
The overall objective of the Activity "Scholarships" is to promote human and social development and education in Latvia by increasing knowledge and promoting student and academic staff mobility through bilateral cooperation between donor countries (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) and Latvia. It gives an opportunity for students and academic staff to obtain valuable international experience as well to improve the knowledge within all thematic and study fields. The project Funding is given for any type of student and staff mobility between Latvia and donor countries.

The Objective of the Project
The objective of the project "RISEBA and University of Agder Cooperation in student and staff mobility" is to build bilateral long-term cooperation between the Higher Education Institution RISEBA and University of Agder, raise the knowledge and skills of students and academic staff from both universities, to promote the acquisition of the international experience and knowledge sharing by ensuring student and staff mobility between organizations.
The project will contribute the implementation of the long-term development strategy and will provide an opportunity to improve and develop the international environment within the University, visibility of the University image inside and outside the EU.
During the mobility, the student will get an opportunity to work in an international environment, to learn how to be tolerant of intercultural differences, and to contribute to the multinational team. The project activities will contribute the project participant skills as adaptability, language skills, and ability to work within an international environment together with the representatives of different cultures which will be useful for young people starting their working life.

Project Partners

University of Agder

The project is being implemented by RISEBA University together with the University of Agder (UIA), the University which is located in Southern Norway. UiA is one of the recently Established universities within Norway which has around 11,000 students. Like RISEBA, the University of Agder is internationally oriented Higher Education Institution with higher education and research standards, dynamic and modern higher education institution that offers a wide range of courses in English for exchange students. 

Project Activities
Within the framework of the project, 10 RISEBA University Bachelor & Master students who are studying Business and related fields of study will get an Opportunity to go abroad and study within the University of Agder, Norway, during the Study Year 2015/ 2016, Spring Semester, as well 10 students from the University of Agder who are studying Business and related fields of study will get an Opportunity to go and study within the University of RISEBA. The amount of the student mobility scholarship will be 1200 EUR per month. 

In order to Apply for the mobility, the student must meet certain criteria, have to complete an application form and write a motivation letter in English. The application for study mobility starts at 08.25.2015. 
In addition 4 RISEBA University lecturers and 4 University of Agder lecturers will get an opportunity to go for mobility exchange and give guest lectures.

The project is implemented from August 20, 2015 Until 30 June, the 2016th.

Project Manager: 
Galina Zilgalve 
RISEBA International Project Manager 
[email protected]  

More information about the EEA / Norwegian Financial Mechanism Program "Research and scholarship" you can get on the website of the State Education Development Agency:
The project is co-financed by the EEA / Norwegian Financial Instruments:


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